Get 25 x bonus nectar points for 1 hour today

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2 years ago

This bank holiday there are a whole host of bank holiday offerings, for the Queens' jubilee, many of which can help us save some serious money.

The first of which today is nectar where for 1 hour between 12pm and 1pm on 1st June you can get 25 x bonus nectar points.

The minimum order is £15. You get 1 nectar point per £1 on eBay normally so for a £15 spend you get 375 nectar points with each point being worth half a pence, you will get £1.87 worth back in nectar points for a £15 spend

There is an upper limit you can get a maximum of 7500 bonus points (equivelant to £37.50 - so with basic mathematics the maximum purchase would be £300 spend.

So if you were making a purchase anyway this week, you may as well do it in the hour between midday and 1 PM to get those sweet sweet nectar points

Find out how to link your Nectar card to eBay here

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