Five market research companies you need to sign up to!!

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Well, you don't have to, it's not the end of the world or anything if you don't, nobody will moan at you.

But if your serious about making some extra money online, then market research is the way to go.

With all this semi apocalypse that's going on as well, its all online, whereas before with these market research companies you'd have to live in a certain place, go sit in a focus group with a load of strangers while a man or woman sitting at the head of tables asks you more and more probing questions.

Whereas now you can do all this from the comfort of your own home, in 'online communities' or 'video calls' so as long as your wearing something on the top half you can earn money in your pants.

Step 1: sign up to as many as possible, you will then see ads on Facebook or more commonly email invites to study

Step 2: complete the online application process - it is important to hear to answer honestly and thoroughly there's no point lying to get into studies they will see right through you those wiley market research people. But answer the questions thoroughly and based on what the question is, I have been known to exaggerate at times, saying I buy 100 packets of biscuits for friends and family over the course of the year, so that they will be encouraged to invite me to talk about my experiences, I feel so naughty

Step 3: if to be accepted they will likely then call you to confirm a couple of details, sometimes ask some more questions, check you are who you say you are, and tell you how much dosh they are going to pay.

Step 4: Follow their instructions make sure you answer the questions when they are sent, or signed up to the community or zoom interview, get the software test it beforehand if something doesn't work your end or you don't put in what you said you would then you won't get paid

Step 5: payment normally comes in the form of PayPal or amazon vouchers in my experience, sometimes you get to choose, and will normally be a couple of weeks after the end of the study.

Step 6: turn that PayPal money into bitcoin, and watch it go to the moon, so you can retire early, come out of your job singing and dancing giving two fingers to a world where it doesn't pay to work. (this step is optional, you may want to spend it on food instead)

So a long time ago if anyone is still reading this, I said I would tell you the five Market research companies I recommend signing up to, as always these are based on my personal experiences.

Angelfish opinions

Angelfish is definitely one worth signing up to, I find they have a lot of market research opportunities email you with study opportunities find the screening questions very quick to complete, quick to get back to you if you're successful and very helpful and clear on what is required of you. I've done a few different studies on here and when needed help they have been very good. Paid through Paypal or amazon normally.

Click here to sign up and check out current projects.

Testing time

Really like testing time, again get emailed to you, not loads of studies but really good pay for the time they take, some smaller and some larger studies, bit of a longer process to join and not huge amount of studies but when you get them screening takes a couple of questions and not had any problem with getting paid

Sign up here if you desire

People for research

People fo research is another good one, sign up and get plenty of research opportunities emailed to you,. again couple of minutes screening for each type, but a huge array of different types of studies and opportunities

Done one the last couple of months with them and they were very good. Alot i haven't been able to do as a lot have been specific times that have been while I have been at work

Sign up here

Take part in research

Similar to the two above, sign up and get email invites to their studies, they seem less regular than other sites, i have applied for a few but not been accepted for many and same again not been able to do due to the times, but if you are off between 9 and 5 then you should get accepted for a lot more, doesn't seem to have anywhere near as much as the others but should check out the website more as don't think all are emailed out

Sign up here


Last but not least Saros research done 1 study with them and was pretty impressed

Quick sign up process and studies are emailed to you again, well paying and a good variety of studies certainly cannot complain well worth signing up to these

Sign up here

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