Earning report March: see how I earnt over £600 this month

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2 years ago
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March was a solid month, I have tried to focus more on my time, and do studies that are much more worth my time, less grinding piddly surveys for pennies. It's worked well as have been able to look into other things, still not having much luck with market research but maybe that's due to the time I have available.

Most of these earnings are from my own work, some are however referrals, but I don't really have an abundance of them, anyway its all broken down here so you can see how I got on

Any questions by all means let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

Equally any suggestions also please do let me know

Total earnings: £606.39
Cash: £370.27
Vouchers: £157
Crypto: £79.12


YouGov Full review here-
£50 this month (thanks to YouGov safe)
2021 Earnings: £100 so far
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Populus -Read Review here
Redemption: £50
(2021 so far from 2 accounts: £150)
Sign up here:

Panelbase - Full Review here
£19.30 this month from - some good surveys this month
2021 Earnings: £54.18
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Lifepoints - Full Review here -
£25.00 from first account
Account 2: £25.00 on 2nd account as well
2021 Earnings: £100
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Toluna - Full Review here
£35.00 - saved by some big studies otherwise not really worth it
2021 Earnings so far: £70

Swagbucks Full Review here
£15 - becoming too much of a slog but occasionally really good surveys
2021 Earnings so far: £25

Askable - 2 studies this month
£15 worth, very sporadic these but still good money
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Qmee Full Review here
Better month this month, not as good as last year but grinding less as it is often not worth the time at moment, but they have lots of ways to earn.
£12.04 this month
2021 Earnings: £27.83
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Curious cat Full Review here
Another one with a poor month just really not worth the time at the moment
Still every little helps £4.80

Click worker - Read review here
First redemption of the year, this was from one of their user testing opportunities
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£14.55 - its a slow burner this one, but the polls are really quick and easy to do just got to be quick off the mark
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Citizen me - 42 pence - Nice quick instant surveys on the phone
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I-Say -
£10 worth of Amazon vouchers
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Snap my eats
£10 amazon voucher for taking pictures of all the takeaways my mrs bought
Check out here how to earn from taking pictures of your receipts

£14, so this month maximiles had a bonus study about phones that signed up through one of their surveys and earnt £14 from

£8, got a £3 bonus study and then hit 20 credits to get the £5 amazon voucher
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£5 amazon voucher again, had a couple of surveys that got me to the threshold just had to watch a new program, I popped it in the background

Consumer Pulse
£100 - argos voucher
£50 from each account this month on consumer pulse, where you just tell them about what you purchased. the last 2 weeks have really dried up so we shall see if they get back to their best

Random study: £10 amazon voucher not sure where I found this one


Intellizoom Full Review here
£28.38 - this month a good selection of surveys not as good as past months but still solid
2021 Earnings s0 far: £121.06

Userlytics - New one this month, not many offers but a few, I have been successful in signing up for 2 and got 2 x $10 studies which was good going
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Oh my dosh £10
Check out the latest guide to earning some free cashback
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Crypto offers

Luno £27.48 - Use code NFQHKZ for £10 free bitcoin £7.00 after fees
Free 0.00064265 Bitcoin
This was from their initial sign up offer and their 2 free codes for £10 each
Read more here about how made this easy money

Publish ox £2.43 in various crypto

Noise.cash - £1.79 in bitcoin cash its the twitter that pays

Read.cash £47.42 in bitcoin cash for me to bug you with my articles THANKS RANDOM REWARDER


Mode banking got £20 referral bonus as well this month
The offer is currently at £10 - check it out here

Ziglu £5.00 - Sign up deposit £1 and make one trade - free £5 get very quickly

Cake £7.19 (of dfi need to hold in account for 6 months however but the beauty with this one is you can sign up transfer £50 of crypto I used dash as the fees were cheapest get $30 of free DFI and then you can withdraw the original deposit if you so wish https://pool.cakedefi.com?ref=919426 : Code 919426

- Oval £5.00 sign up deal Referral code: JE6RB9RBU/
Make 6 saves can be as little as £1 a week and get £5 free

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Email with any questions and I will be happy to answer them or help in any way on these offers or any of the money earners findings


Have a great day!!

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