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4 months ago
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A new learn and earn program from coin market cap is currently available, this time for $5 worth of PPAY

First, you will need two things, a Binance account and a "coinmarket" cap account

Binance is a popular exchange, and you just need your user ID in order to be able to the free tokens, really simple and easy to sign up - sign up here

Coimarketcap, is a very good site as well, get lots of information on there keep your finger on the pulse and keep track of all your crypto assets - and occasionally get airdrops. - Sign up here

You can then visit the CoinMarketCap Earn page for PlasmaFinance:

And work your way through the quiz. The questions and answers are below:

  1. PlasmaFinance is the one-stop-shop for all your DeFi needs. Which of the following can you do with PlasmaFinance?

    • All of the above

  2. Modern decentralized exchanges (DEXs) use an automated protocol whereby independent users can add their crypto assets to a common pool and earn a portion of all fees generated when others swap assets using this pool. PlasmaFinance lets users view all of these pools across all major DEXs so they can choose the most profitable ones. What is this passive income-earning DeFi activity commonly called?

    • Liquidity mining

  3. PlasmaFinance promotes the use of transparent, real-time on-chain market data to provide DeFi users with an unrivalled level of assurance. Which of these statements are NOT true about PlasmaFinance?

    • You have to be careful about fake data, manipulated statistics and bot numbers when using PlasmaFinance, just as you would on centralized data sources.

  4. When providing liquidity on DEXs, DeFi users must provide liquidity in a pair of assets. Retrieving and moving this liquidity from one liquidity pool to another involves at least 4 separate transactions. How many transactions do you need to perform on PlasmaFinance using the Flash Rebalancer tool?

    • 1

  5. Which of the following is a unique feature of PlasmaSwap, which most DEXs are unable to offer to their users?

    • All of the above

  6. What is the abbreviation of PlasmaFinance’s native token?

    • PPAY

Really quick and easy to do not sure when the funds will be distributed but, its some free crypto cannot complain

I used Trust wallet, as needs to be ERC 20 compatible to add on the PPAY tokens

Any questions make sure to let me know

This campaign is running until the 11th of June

I would advise checking ou the lessons they are really interesting and you will learn a lot about this decentralised finance application as well as others.

Some notable points about plasma finance are they will have a mobile application to manage your account.

They look to make the often complex Defi easy :

"Instead of complex asset management due to multiple silos of networks and services, we bring you every DeFi avenue under one roof with convenience and hassle-free automation.

  • We’ve taken care of the legwork to locate the most profitable opportunities, delivering to you transparent, verifiable data and sophisticated metrics in one safe environment.

  • We look for ways to optimize the way you do DeFi, making it easier and cheaper to trade and  interact with different protocols"

You will also be able to buy crypto directly on with bank accout or card, I do see the appeal of this making it a lot easy to buy what you need in one place.

They also promise that you can add multiple wallets as well, a benefit over other similar platforms.

How good the platform will be I guess only time will tell but free coins is never a bad thing.

PPAY token

"PPAY (ERC20) is the utility token of PlasmaPay and PlasmaFinance. PPAY is designed as the all-in-one defi service token, enabling swaps, rewards, liquidity mining, borrowing/lending, staking and governance. The PPAY token will be used as a bridge between Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC and the zero-fee Plasma blockchain developed in-house."

PPAY is listed on uniswap and bithumb

Interesting platform with good prospects, off to test out and see if it as good as it claims, and now just to wait and see when I get my free coins

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Written by   47
4 months ago
Topics: Free crypto
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Is this still available?

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4 months ago

Ooooooh yes PlasmaFinance "Learn & Earn" Campaign will run from 2021.06.02 to 2021.06.11 (23:59:59 UTC). If you have not taken the lessons yet, please make sure to learn about PlasmaFinance to complete the quiz!

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4 months ago

Okay okay, thanks for the information I will try it

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4 months ago