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Earn $5 of POLKA by completing coinmarket cap quiz

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'Coinmarketcap' has got another lovely Learn and earn quiz available this time 'POLKA' and you can snap up $5 worth of it.

The campaign will run from 2021.07.14 to 2021.07.23 and Quiz will open at 12:00pm UTC.

First, you must have a 'coinmarketcap' account - completely free to sign up and a must for any crypto enthusiast they have lots of to offer, learning about crypto, information on all of the coins available, tracking your portfolio, as well as earning daily rewards by collecting diamonds as well. Sign up here

Secondly, you require a Binance account and a verified Binance account at that, easy to sign up and verify, and one of the biggest exchanges around. Sign up here

Then follow these steps to get some lovely free crypto:

Step 1: Enter the quiz here

Step 2: It will ask for the email address that you sign up to CoinmarketCap

Step 3: Enter your Binance id: Click here to learn how to find it.

Then the questions

Question 1: What is Polkastarter?

A launchpad protocol to kickstart early-stage crypto projects.

Question 2. What type of fundraising occurs on Polkastarter?


Question 3. What does IDO stand for?

Initial Decentralized Offering

Question 4. What are the benefits of a Polkastarter IDO to the projects that are fundraising? Select all that apply.

All of the above.

Question 5. Which of these chains is Polkastarter not live on?


Q6. What primary role does the POLS token play in a Polkastarter IDO?

Participants must hold POLS to be whitelisted for an IDO.

Q7. What is the minimum amount of POLS you have to own to be eligible for a Polkastarter IDO whitelist?


Step 5:

You need to add Polkastarter to your public watchlist on coinmarket cap

If not sure how to do this it is incredibly easy, just check out this article

Your CoinMarketCap Watchlists

This new version of watchlist provides some new features that you might have been long expecting! 

Multiple watchlists: you can now create more than one watchlist! You can use watchlists for different purposes, like one for DeFi, one for storage and more! Remember that you can give each watchlist a unique name and description so you know what they are about! You can edit the name and description from “... More” button:

You can also create new watchlists, or switch to other watchlists from the dropdown next to the watchlist name:

Note that there will always need to be one “Main” watchlist amongst your watchlists. 

This main watchlist will be your default watchlist — when you add coins from ⭐️s mentioned above, it will only be added to the main watchlist. When you go to the watchlist page, this will be the first watchlist shown to you. By default, the main watchlist is set to be the first watchlist you created; however you can swap it anytime in the “... More” list:

From here, you can also duplicate/copy a watchlist, or remove/delete a watchlist.

Public watchlists: You can now set your watchlists as public! This means that each one of your watchlists has its own URL created for you ,and you can share with your friends or the community!

You can set a watchlist to be “public” from the “... More” as shown above, or from the “Share” button .

Step 6: Complete the captcha and you're done you will see a nice complete message and receive an email

Polkastarter "Learn & Earn" Campaign will run from 2021.07.14 to 2021.07.23 and Quiz will open at 12:00pm UTC.

Then we can expect the lovely free crypto to arrive sometime after that

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