Day 12: Surveys, market research, Yougov, cashback deals

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2 years ago
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Today we made some more decent money, boosted by some market research and YouGov

Another day of top cashback hummingbird

Also a reminder the mode banking £20 deal expires sunday

SURVEYS: time taken: 2 hours 18 minutes earnt £27.66

Populus Redemption £50 via bacs once a month
Account 1: £1 today very quick survey took 2 minutes good reward as always
Account 2: no surveys
Sign up here - no referral for me

Life points:
Account 1: Time taken 45 minutes Earnt £5.13
Account 2: 15 minutes - £2.00
Sign up here no referral

Account 1: £2.90 for 15 minutes 2 surveys
Sign up here no referral

Branded poll £0.03 just the daily poll again

£0.10 daily poll
Sign up here - referral code

half a credit 12.5p did really quickly
1 minute
Sign up here no referral

£0.05 did while in the lunch queue
Sign up here

Yougov safe

Yougov safe is a new chrome extension, that pays you for sharing your data from streaming services you can earn from the following accounts:

  • Netflix - will need a paying account

  • Chrome

  • Spotify - can use a free account

  • amazon prime - will need a paying account

  • apple tv+ will need a paying account (i don't)

  • youtube (can never get this one to work)

  • Disney plus - will need a paying account

So far I have earned £27.50 from this little extension when you first sign up the bonuses are quite high, they do get less, this week got £1.50 from amazon, Disney and Spotify - some every 7 days some 30.

But this really is an easy way to make some extra money, and on top of the surveys makes YouGov even more desirable

Sign up here if interested

Clubhouse surveys are back and can earn 2 points (£2) with first survey

Clubhouse is a nifty little website, where you can tell them about the sports that you watch, and get rewarded with a point a week, redemption automatically every few months with every 5 points being worth £5

Market Research:

Market research through harris interactive - pretty sure I picked this one up from toluna, did an hour video call on zoom got £15, it is rare I do these but as have a day off, I can actually do them, so many studies are within the normal 9-5, it was really easy to set up quick zoom call, looking at a new website, fantastic stuff.

£15.00 - 1 hour happy days, had no idea about the subject so was bit of a blag but was ok

TOP CASHBACK HUMMINGBIRD: Betfair - another prize draw entry

Awesome offer on top cashback if going to do some betting

Also if you're going to do matched betting you will need a Betfair account for the exchange by signing up and depositing and betting £10 you get £12.50, and £20 of free bets, a damn fine deal.

Again the wait may be some time and you need to make sure don't already ha e an account, but decent profit, and if your bets come in you shall be laughing.

Sign up to top cashback here and get an extra fiver as well

LAST CHANCE FOR £20 FREE BITCOIN - got until Sunday

There are two ways of doing this, first of all, you can buy £100 of bitcoin, or you can do what I did and transfer 0.01 of bitcoin into their bitcoin jar and get the bonus that way. Either way its definitely good easy profit

There will be small fees, but you will definitely make a profit, a friend signed up last week and we both got £20 within 24 hours.

If it's for you don't delay, time is ticking on one of the best offers around at the moment

Invite a friend to Mode and you'll both receive £20 of free Bitcoin (when they buy over £100 of BTC). Check it out:

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Email with any questions and I will be happy to answer them or help in any way on these offers or any of the money earners findings

Thanks for reading and hope having a good day

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