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An hour and a half on Lifepoints is it worth it?

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11 months ago

So today was one of those survey days that I love logging into my lifepoints account and seeing this.........

A lovely full page of surveys when I loaded up I saw 22 beautiful surveys awaiting my time and dedication, but this instead of this time jumping right in and diving in without thinking, I thought id take one at a time, time myself for each survey and the reward I get for it. Tally all that up at the end and then see how worth it was.

Hopefully, you'll find this useful, if not go away I don't want you here.... no actually you can stay as well I just need someone here so I am not shouting into the void.

You can redeem for £5 of PayPal money at every 575 life points so 115 life points = £1

Anyway, so this is the list of how we got on, how long it took and what reward we actually got.

So this is the set up, first we have what Life points said I would earn and how long it would take then we have what I actually earned and how long it actually took.

1) 450 life points 54 minutes - Actually 24 minutes and 120 lifepoints

2) 75 life points 15 minutes Actually 6 minutes-  minutes 75 life points subject alcohol

3) 75 lifepoints 20 minutes -Actually 8 minutes 75 life points subject tvs

4) 75 lifepoints 15 minutes -Actually 1 minute screen out 2 lifepoints ; subject jewellery

5) 50 life points 10 mins - Actually 4 minutes 50 lifepoints ;subject tea

6) 21 minutes 100 lifepoints Actually 7 minutes 50 lifepoints; subject phones

7) 10 minutes 50 lifepoints Actually screen out 0 pints 1 minute

8) 12 minutes 50 lifepoints Actually 7 minutes 50 lifepoints Subject: cruises

9) 15 minutes lifepoints Actually 3 minutes 75 lifepoints lottery

10) 10 minutes 50 life points Actually 5 minutes 50 lifepoints comparison sites

11) 6 minutes 40 life points Actually 6 minutes 40 lifepoints logo

12) 75 lifepoints 15 minutes - Actually 1-minute screen out 2 lifepoints

13) 10 minutes 50 lifepoints Actually 3 minutes 50 lifepoints shopping online

14) 10 minutes 50 lifepoints Actually 1-minute screenout 2 lifepoints

15) 4 minutes 25 lifepoints Actually 2 minutes 25 life points travel

16) 10 minutes 50 lifepoints Actually tyres 3 minutes 50 lifepoints

17) 15 minutes 75 lifepoints Actually 2-minute screen out 2 life points

18) 50 lifepoints 10 minutes Actually 2 minutes 50 life points

19) 18 minutes 75 lifepoints Actually screen out <1 minute 0 points

So what happened to the last 3 is a mystery maybe I miscounted but I don't think so, but this is one reason why I do the surveys as soon as they come out otherwise they will disappear and those opportunities are gone.

So breaking down the 19 surveys, this was a pretty good haul, It is not every day you get these surveys but 3 -4 times a month definitely so if you can maximise the opportunities.

Success rate: So we had 19 surveys 13 of which I could complete and get some points that is not bad.

Then also this is why I love lifepoints the time taken to complete is nowhere near the time it said it would take which is brilliant, one downside was that first survey I thought I was in for a big survey, but maybe finishing quickly meant I didn't get the reward, so that was probably not massively worth my time.

But let's see if it was worth the time is taken. So our grand total of time taken for these 19 surveys was 87 minutes so an hour and a half that is a long time. It was that first survey where I thought id get so many more points.

So for all that time, I earnt 768 life points or £6.67 - time worth? well, its £6.67 I didn't have before, this was all done quite mindlessly whilst listening to music.

I would have wanted a bit more for my time, which is why I will ticket that first survey where I feel like I should have earnt an extra 2-3 quid for that one.

Also, another helpful tip with these surveys is that often a fair bit of the time for these surveys is listening to radio ads or watching video ads that can take a couple of minutes at a time, so while these are in the background, hop on a different browser, and do some surveys, so within the time that these surveys were going away, I managed to complete a couple of different surveys on Qmee, worth a couple of quid so that helped the cause and the time.

Remember through the videos at the beginning are important to pay attention to so you don't get screened out.

Also another reason why I love lifepoints is the other opportunities that they offer are studies such as this one

"It is a 7-day diary about toiletries. The initial questionnaire will take up to 20 minutes, but from then on it should take less than 10 minutes to complete each day. You need to complete both the 7-day diary and the initial "Questionnaire about you" to qualify for the reward points. "

This is worth 580 life points or a fiver normally will take me 2 minutes a day and 5 minutes to do the initial questionnaire.

What this has got me thinking though is my times were pretty quick in comparison to what was advertised if I was taking that long to do the surveys then it just wouldn't be worth my time at all, so the trick is getting to know the surveys, then you can click really quickly without getting caught out and making sure you get into the surveys, think about them logically if the 3rd question is do you want a new flat screen tv, its likely that they want you to say yes so you can get in there, but then skim reading and mad mouse skills are the special skills that you need to adopt here to make this worthwhile.

Well, you may not think this is worth it, you may think this is a lovely way of making some extra money, either way, now you know the math.

If you do want to sign up to this site then go here

id definitely recommend it.

If you like what you have read and want more let me know and subscribe if you would prefer I would shut up and be quiet, let me know and subscribe as well, then I will try to annoy you slightly less next time.

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Written by   50
11 months ago
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