Why date?

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Why do you date?If you havent begun dating yet,why do you wish to date?It is your purpose in dating that will determine the eventual outcome of the relationship you establish.It isnt enough to date just because your friends do,or because you are old enough,or because someone asked you out,or because you want something to do.It is important for you to think through your reasons for dating .

There are number of positive reasons for dating.

  • For personality Development

We all have areas of our personality and character that need development and improvement.When by dating you interact with a member of the opposite sex ,you will get to know yourself better.Various strenghts and weaknesses will surface during a romance.The knowledge you gain will become valuable in helping you learn how,you can relatento others.

  • To learn to know and understand the opposite sex.

Dating paves the way to understanding a variety of personalities ,attitudes ,and problems of the opposite sex that you might never be exposed to otherwise.One authority has suggested that a young person should have dated twelve persons age 19.From such exposure to opposite sex you will begin to understand certain differrences and how to relate yourself to these differences.

  • To fill the human Need for love

  • To fill Social needs for fun and recreation

  • To find a future Marriage Partner

  • To develop Spiritual Growth

Think of dating as a workshop in which you can develop the skills needed to achieve a positive intimate relationship in marriage.This will make your date life a healthy activity in which you can grow as an individual..

If you feel that "our love will take care of everything that stands in our way...


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