What Happens When you Dont Like yourself?

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2 years ago

Each of us could probably find a long list of reason to dislike ourselves.On occassion we may even hate ourselves!Times may come when we feel that no other humas has ever experienced what we are going through.So we attempt to hide our insecurities behind false fronts,all the while trying to fool ourselves as we try to fool others.

If you feel inferior,it may affect you in a number if ways.You may feel extremely self-conscious when you walk into a room .You think that everyone is staring at you.You wonder if you look OK."Did i zip up my pants?"button my dress?.." what shall i do with my hands?"""Where i can hide?""If only the floor would open and shallow me!"

Self dislike tends to make people highly sensitive to blame and praise.How do you respond when someone compliments you on your clothes? A simple thank you will do.The way you accept compliments indicates hiw much respect you have for yourself.

Feelings of inferiority also evidence themselves in daydreaming .Day dreaming is an effort to escape reality.The more you daydReam ,the poorer you feel about yourself.Everyone daydreams occasionally,but the person with deep feelings of inferiority will spend a greatbdrak of time spinning fantasies .In an effort to escape the reality of how poorly he feels about himself ,the daydreamer lives in a make -believe paradise that is supposed to be better than life.

Feeling of worthlessness will also cause you to rrhash the past and imagine ways in which you could or should have done things differently.

Such feelings particularly haunt young people.It is art of the maturing process and has very little to do with genuine self-worth.

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