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1 year ago

I can't sleep. I just can't sleep!. It's a cool atmosphere, and I can see the stars shinning bright in the sky as well as the waning moon.

Guess I'd have to do my nagging all alone in silence.

As a well grounded realist, I don't bulk myself with unnessary things and most especially stress. God knows I hate stress, we all hate stress.

When it comes to making goals and planning towards an event, I do it cautiously, and I try to make it very simple.

I had five ultimate goals this year which are:

1. Get a good grade at school

2. Become closer to God.

3. Elevate my business

4. Build my app

5. Balance my love life.

I'll tell you what I've done so far pertaining each goal.

  • #1 I did try very hard to get a good grade in school, but rather than improve I had the worst grade In my entire career, a lower credit. My last CGPA was at distinction level. Coming into the new year, I have had a hint of what could deny me my achievements, and that was my #5th goal of the year. I had a relationship in school, we had a break up few weeks to exams, and it took away all my energy. I had no joy to read. I did read but the passion was gone, so I struggled to assimilate, I lost appetite. I lost me. Looking back now, I think not getting an F or a carry-over is a fair accomplishment. My only regret is letting myself down and my family.

  • #2. Become closer to God.

    Dear Lord, please forgive me for all the sins I've committed either knowingly or unknowingly. I ask for your guidance and mercy upon me. Don't let me go astray God. Please help me. Well deep down, I've not been as close as I had hoped to be but making that effort every single day is a real progress. God knows better.

  • #3. Elevate my business.

    I co-founded an interior design business last year, so making sure it doesn't sink was a real deal. Thanks to the pandemic, I had all the time in the world to work on it, and there was little progress. I brought in a new team member to help ease the work load on my partner and I. She's savvy and understanding. Although the lockdown restrictions didn't allow us get much offers but internally there was progress.

  • #4. Build my app.

    I had a picture roving in my head, it was more about the SDG pertaining to food and healthy living. I wrote down my idea, got a developer but we were never able to translate the idea into something productive. He said it lacks some qualities of which I haven't find out.

  • #5 Balance my love life

    I totally agree with whosoever said that love is blind. Emotional intelligence should be something each one of us take very serious, and I've not had a really good year because of it. I got heartbroken at the beginning of the year, that was crazy. Now I realize that balancing my love life and other relationships should have been my first goal of the year. All humans are made from one form of relationship or another, likewise the opportunities we get in life. One great lesson I've learnt this year is being emotionally intelligent. My love life is still not balanced but it's not as complex as it started, and my heart is stronger now.

Despite the fact that I had 5 simple goals for the year, I screwed up almost everything but rather than saying I failed. I didn't totally fail, I had made efforts, countless efforts, the discipline, the commitment, the shame, the loss of appetite, the lack of passion, the whole stage took a lot of energy, I'm not proud but I'm happy that i gave it my best shot.

Over to you pals...

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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