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The Weirdest Designer

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1 year ago

A pleasant afternoon to y'all 😊 We all have weird people in our lives, we see them daily, in our home, in school, on the streets, in the store, they're are everywhere. Today I'll tell you about a weirdo, not just a random one but my very good friend ❤️

Mimi is a friend I met at a cyber cafe in 2017. She is a boss at what she does. She is a professional photographer, a graphic designer, and a cyber guru🙌 She is all in one. A complete weirdo (lol)

As a friend, she has stood by me during the good times and bad times. She helped restore my brain when I was a frustrated figure at my alma mater. And when I wanted to start my entrepreneurship journey, she was my mentor and my graphics designer. As a graphic designer, her brand name is Misty design. Mimi is a savvy designer but don't hurry or stress her whenever she's working 😅 you'd regret it. Enough of the introduction now, let me show you why she is the weirdest designer I've ever met.

  • She doesn't think she is a good designer. Everyone makes mistakes in their field, and the beauty of mistakes is that it gives us a chance to do better by thinking better. Whenever your client complain of your design, it might hurt you but don't let it wear you. Do better!

  • Other designers are strict. I know a lot of designers who doesn't even smile at me, they make me feel scared. I can't even open up to them, and they end up not designing what I want. Unlike my friend, she playssssssse😅 She plays a lot when working, she doesn't take life to be so serious, and whenever she has a job, she does it with ease, even the most difficult task, she never let her client feel she can't handle it.

  • She works like a machine. It's okay for guys to work endlessly without eating or drinking. You'd rarely see a lady who posses that kind of energy ⚡ isn't that weird?

  • Like I said when introducing her, don't stress her whenever she's making a design. Her chances of spoiling it is grade A😅

  • It's amazing to see a lady who can multi-task freely without stress. Aside multi tasking, Mimi is gifted🤩 She can do a lot of stuffs aside graphic design just like I've said in the beginning.

  • Mimi in her own weird way could take forever to get you your design done. And she could also do it in a flash, with or without your presence in her cafe.

  • Lastly, she is just weird 😅

I value my friend a lot, I appreciate all that she has done for me❤️ She has been of good influence too. On rapping this up, I'd say I am a weirdo too just like my friend Mimi.

Whatever you do, never stop being yourself❤️

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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Nice one

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Thanks man

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