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On A Quest To Love-7

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Eli like Moses would call her was now very fond of him, she got an hostel outside campus and moses went to visit her casually. Moses was well aware that she had a boyfriend, so his relationship with Elizabeth was just on a friendship level. Elizabeth also had few friends on campus namely Praise and Esther, both ladies liked moses company because he makes them laugh whenever and wherever he saw them.

About a month a month later, Moses relationship with Elizabeth became closer than ever, they were best buddies. One night while they were chatting on WhatsApp, she said she wanted to tell him something very important but she doesn't know how to say it, Moses persuaded her and she finally let it out. She said " hmm I love you' moses was perplexed, he didn't know if it was one of her pranks or she was serious so he didn't give her a reply. Eli was damn serious about it, she rang moses severally telling him to stop toying with her feelings. Moses in a tight situation, tried his best to give thoughtful reply. He started by reminding her that she has a boyfriend. Then she replied by saying "Yeah, i know but I love and I'm confused, I love two guys" Moses became more confused as he read her reply.

Moses: I love you too but since you have a boyfriend, I had to shun my feelings.

Elizabeth: It's fine, please let's forget we had this discussion. I'm sorry.

Moses further persuaded her into giving him a chance to show her how much he loves her, after three hours she finally agreed. Moses now has a new girlfriend in school just few months after he resumed. Moses had made up his mind to become Elizabeth number one choice. So he did everything possible to satisfy her but as humans our wants are insatiable. He did all what he hasn't done for his previous girlfriends for Elizabeth. Their love grew thicker everyday, until their Christmas holiday. Christmas was fast approaching and the newly admitted students have just done their matriculation ceremony. It was time to go home. Eli had been acting strangely after the matric, she had been cold to moses and whenever she spoke to him, she was always demanding more from him. They board the same bus, and left school on Christmas Eve.

Days after Moses got home, he was unable to reach her. There was no electricity supply in his hood. And the only way to charge his device was to leave his community, which was a suicide mission for him because he was so occupied at home in preparation for the new year. He was his dad's P.A. Eli called on the third day, she was mad at him, her voice was on the loudest volume. She threatened to put an end to the relationship, moses was shell shocked. He pleaded but as usual his apology wasn't fully accepted. On New year's eve, Moses called Eli and they both spoke for a lengthy period. Moses emphasized his love for her,how much he needed her in his life, and his plans for the new year. Moses wished that nothing would come between them but as they say good things never last, so moses love story was hit by a whirlwind.

The Christmas and new year holidays were over, it was the first day of resumption in the new year. The young couples were on good terms, Eli decided to go visit Moses at his hostel. On getting there, they cooked, ate, danced, and sang. Love was in the air. Nothing could possibly go wrong with their relationship, Moses thought. The day passed and Moses had a day to remember with Elizabeth. Two weeks after she visited, Moses was with his older brother, Ibrahim, at the Dean of Students Affairs Office (DSA). His older brother was aspiring to be a senator at the student union level. Then Elizabeth call came in, moses excused himself from the surrounding just to answer the call, which he did. The spoke as usual not until she said she wanted to tell him something.

Moses was anxious to hear it hoping it would be good news. Then she said "I want us to stop" it sounded strange to moses, he couldn't understand her. What should we stop? He asked. She continued by saying she would like them to put an end to their relationship. She said it has been giving her headache, dating two guys and loving both of them, and also pretending to her friends. She said she was tired. Moses on the other hand couldn't believe his ears. He asked if it was another prank. Eli dropped the call. Suddenly Moses became cold, he felt a sharp pain in his heart, he became totally confused as dear gripped him. Once again he had lost someone he loves whole heatedly juts like Baseerah.

He hurried to Eli's department, he saw her at the top floor, and he went to meet her. On seeing him, Eli tried to hold back her tears. Moses then took her to a corner. Seeing tears in her eyes, he knew he has lost it, he has lost everything. Her facial expression said it all.

Moses: Eli but you said you love me, right?

Eli: Yes I still do just try to understand me.

Moses: What would happen to me, I can't live without you.

Eli: So you're concerned about you, what about me, I am the one who lives two guys, I am going crazy here.

Moses kept quiet for a while and then he said okay. He walked away angrily, leaving her all alone. Moses left school immediately, he was becoming insane. He couldn't sit, think, drink or eat, he couldn't even close his eyes. All his thoughts were about Eli and his forth coming examination. Later that day, Elizabeth called to check up on him but he ignores all her calls. He felt guilty for everything, mostly for persuading her into giving him a chance, so he called her back. She picked instantly and apologized to him, he did the same too. Few weeks to their first semester examination, Eli became sick. Esther and Praise informed moses, and he raced over to her hostel.

At her hostel, they didn't talk much but Moses did what he does best, which is putting a smile on her face. That night Eli spoke of all her troubles, moses listened then he said " your happiness matters the most to me, and as long as you are happy then I'm happy too". He spent the night at her hostel, it was a one filled with love memories. The next morning moses was back in his hostel, still struggling to assimilate. He has always been a brilliant lad. He has never had issues like this before. The breakup had broke a lot of things in him, he just couldn't concentrate. Surprisingly, Elizabeth call came in, on hearing her sweet voice, his worries and sorrows vanished. After the call, he was able to x and understand some topics.

Their exams were done and dusted, they completed their papers on a Valentine's day. Unfortunately for moses he had no one to celebrate with. Everything changed after the examination, everyone went home for a long holiday hit by a deadly pandemic.

To be continued...

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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