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Old Soldier Never Dies

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1 year ago

The saying "old solider never dies" Is something I've been muttering these days. My dad happens to be a retired naval personnel, and since he retired last October, it won't be nice to say that the house hasn't known peace since then. No jokes, it's all military rules, get up early, lights out by 2200, breakfast by 6, and many more.

I and my siblings haven't spend a year with my dad since we were born because he was always away from home, on duty. But now that he is retired, he has all the time to himself which makes him always present at home. Personally I'd say I don't really know my dad. I've been at home for ten months now, and it seems like the person I'm currently seeing isn't the one I normally call my dad when i was a kid. He is different know, drilled, accurate, no mistakes at all, and deep motivation. The military rules in the house aren't that bad though, he simply wants his kids to be more discipline but the only rule I dislike is the eating period.

Here's my dad food timing:

Breakfast: 6am or 6:30 am

Lunch: 12pm

Dinner: 6pm

It sounds funny but my system isn't used to these timing. I wasn't brought up this way. I hate those timing above. It disrupts my own plans most especially breakfast time. That's when I get read or write, md get myself prepared for the day. Lastly eating dinner by 6pm is another suicide mission for me😂 I'd surely get hungry before going to bed😂 and after dinner is served, you dare not enter the kitchen. Most times I get to sleep very hungry, except I have some snacks to ease my worries. If only the feeding time could be altered then I'm fine with all the military rules in the house😄

So like people would say " Old solider never dies"

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