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1 year ago

I've forgotten how much fun I used to get from writing, it was always the first on my hobby list but slowly I stopped including it. My hobby list isn't so long infact my hobbies are: playing video games, travelling, listening to music, watching movies and football, sky viewing, reading and lastly writing 😃

I know I included writing, I can't do without writing in a week. I could skip it for days but not for a week. I must write but lately I've not read or write much except here on @Read.Cash❣️ rather I've travelled more and watched more movies this year than in my entire life😄Sounds crazy right? Once the lockdown restrictions was lifted then my tour began. Though I took necessary Covid precaution 😉

Why did I stop writing/ why did I omit writing from my hobby list?

Hobbies are what you love doing frequently. Music, movies, football, travel, video games, and zoom conferences are what I've done the most this year. I've only written when I had the urge to do so. Sometimes I write in order to remember some stuffs, I write to schedule events, and I write to sustain myself ( currently doing that). I stopped writing mainly because I was sick. My mind was sick likewise my entire body. Writing is hell of a fun, and I miss doing that. I miss writing to friends by chatting, and I miss writing my crazy ideas on how to expand my little interior design business. Now that I'm writing more frequently, its back on the top of my hobby list, thanks to the new spike in Covid-19 I might not travel again this year. So writing has easily knocked off travelling on the top of my hobby list😄

What are your hobbies, and what have you omitted recently?

Kindly share 🤗

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For once, I also stopped from writing, mainly because I feel like it consumes me, until I have nothing left in my whole system to write. And yes, even this pandemic might feel like a burden, somehow, it helps us to go back to the things that we love, and one of those is writing 😊

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1 year ago

I agree with you bella, the pandemic just seem like a blessing in disguise

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1 year ago