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1 month ago

The word free has different meaning to different individuals. I personally want to be free from every obstacle, every hindrance, and every insecurities keeping me form achieving my ultimate goal in life.

In life to attain our ultimate goals, we all need freedom to do it. Without freedom little or nothing at all can be achieved. Freedom is generating a specific time to do a specific task.

Freedom is getting to do what we love at our own time.

Freedom is living, working, and praying at ones comfort zone.

Most goals are attached to freedom, without freedom we can never accomplish them. A bird flies in the sky at it's will by its on power and strength but humans can't do the same.

Rather there's gender inequality, there is racism, and there is slavery. The black are being sidelined, they female child is being tortured and touted, ignored by the society and considered to be weak. The black needs freedom, and the female child also wants to be heard.

Freedom gotten forcefully or conditionally can be considered as tough freedom. In this instance,the party has to fight, either cause violence or do something remarkable in order to achieve his freedom.

All forms of freedom are good as long as it is for a good course, freedom at workplace, freedom in school, freedom at home. Everyone needs freedom and should be granted freedom so as to enable them improve as a person. Thereby contributing to the growth of the community.

Pheww. This is my first post in this community. I had to follow the rules. I set aside 10 minutes to write this which I later added 5 more minutes just to make it readable.

Kindly bear with me. I would blend in.

Thanks for reading...

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