Every Soul Shall Taste Death but Bitcoin Cash is deathless

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That's an evident thing that every living thing shall die one day. you would need to say good bye to this temporary world, The real journey will start after death. it'll be good for those who is following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon him and Allah Almighty.

There might be so many sects but I always follow the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad ( SAWW ) Real messenger of Almighty Allah. He taught us how to live a healthy and wise life. He taught us to love each other and never back bite. Jealousy is the one main reason that can harm us.

Love is key. if you can't love and care a about poor people around you, then everything that comes to you might be a worst, not sure but its possible. well I don't have right to hit someone and I'm not hitting someone too. trying to say what is right in my point of view

Every soul shall die one day so before being buried in cave, make your inner avid wake up and show Mercy to poor, love, and respect to each other. These all are good deeds that shall be fruitful and evident for death to show that we did for others. And also follow the teachings of Islam if it's a possible commodity for you.

As death is timeless, it can happen anytime anywhere, nobody knows what is his/her last night, day, hour or minute. Ask to those cruel kings that used to govern all the world and shown cruelty to poor, Arrogance is nothing, death beat them harshly. Now you can see only dead bones.

Concluding Thoughts

I'm very amused that my first article " Bitcoin Cash Adaption" was appreciated by Random Rewarder [ RR ], And from some supporting friends ( sir @Pantera , @Amjad_Ali_Waince @DennMarc . I appreciate this support guys, it made me write down my thoughts rapidly

Haha! you would lough on me to hear that my dream is to spread BCH awareness into my whole country before my death because it deserve that place. Let's effort together to replace BTC with BCH. I think my dream is positive, isn't it? and it'll take place soon and my dream will come true

#BCH everywhere, it's deathless

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Thanks for taking your precious time to read my article about Death, and BCH awareness. have fun Reading and let me know your idea in comment.

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