Mobile Legends Background Stories: Alice

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Humans were simply a new and feeble race on the Land of Dawn at the start of the Era of Strife. They toiled in every part of the globe and shaped history.

They are both good and evil; they can sacrifice their life for justice, but they can also betray their fellow citizens for personal gain; they are a mix of light and darkness. The light and dark sides both recognized the enormous potential that humans possess. The Endless War erupted for the second time in order to vie for human faith.

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Brun served as the patriarch of the Antalus family for more than a century, during which time they became one of the most powerful and rich families in all of mankind.

Brun's youngest daughter, Alice, appears tiny in comparison to her two illustrious elder brothers. Her status as an illegitimate daughter blinded her, and the family never valued her.

In this nefarious environment, Alice grew up gradually. She despised everyone around her, despised her unjust fate, despised the "hypocritical gods" her family worshipped, and the darkness in her heart grew.

Soldiers returning from war competed for spoils and split them as usual one day. Alice stood in a nearby corner, glaring coldly at them.

Someone exclaimed as they threw a bead on the ground, "Why do you bring back crap like this? It really gets in the way." When Alice stared at the bead, it unexpectedly erupted into a magnificent rose-colored light in her eyes, despite the fact that it appeared faint and dull to the others. It slowly rolled to Alice's feet, and as soon as she touched it with her palm, a demon's voice entered her head.

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"Surrender your soul to us, my lovely Alice, and embrace our power, and you will have all you want."

"What do you want from me if I get what I want?"

""It's very clear; all I require is your family's trust. Abandon the King of Light and dive into the Abyss' embrace."

Alice didn't have much faith, but she remembered the pledge she made every time she made a sacrifice: the never-extinguishing holy light would punish all betrayers. No one knew the severity of the sentence. Alice's brother Simon spotted her in the corner just as she was hesitating. "It's you, you unnecessary person... What are you doing here?" he yelled as he slammed Alice against the wall.

He took the bead Alice was clutching hard in her palm when he saw she was not going to respond. "A bastard is just a bastard," he scoffed coldly as he kicked her into the air, "but a shattered bead might be viewed as a treasure." He returned his gaze to Alice, who had gone to ground and was not trying to get up, and added, "You're just like this pearl - needless rubbish."

He slammed the bead into Alice's lower abdomen. Alice let out a bloodcurdling scream as a result of the pain. The commotion from the corner drew the attention of others nearby. For a while, the room was filled with laughter, and Alice was out of breath.

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When the audience departed, all of the humiliation and frustration that had been building up burst forth. Alice struggled to stand up, clutching her tummy. "Will you give me enough power to take all lives if I succeed?" she asked the demon.

"Of course, my lovely Alice," says the narrator.

"All right, then I'll make a pledge to you."

"Hahahaha, that's more like it..."

A scalding energy left a black imprint on the back of Alice's palm before vanishing. She stowed the bead and walked away silently.

Brun was old, but the Antalus family's heir had not yet been elected. To the disappointment of his eldest son Colin, he preferred the younger of his two sons, Simon. This was Alice's greatest chance of getting in.

Alice instigated hatred between the two brothers and utilized it to divide the tribesmen into two factions that continued to fight. During this period, Alice remained by Brun's side, acting as a good daughter but also implying to him in a roundabout way that his two sons meant to kill him and usurp his poition as tribe patriarch.

absurd familial relationship between a father and his two sons was ripped to shreds in a power struggle without much effort from Alice. As the chasm between them widened, tragedy struck: Colin devised a plot to assassinate Simon, and Brun executed Colin while under the spell of Alice.

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Brun became unwell after Colin's death, and Alice assumed the role of patriarch. The family was wrecked at this point, and all of their pals who had been following them had betrayed them one by one. On the one hand, Alice looked after Brun, but she also used a firm hand to cheer up the family and acquire the tribe's support and trust. When she realized the timing was right, she poisoned Brun softly.

The Antalus family learned during the funeral that they had battled for the light for centuries, but that the light had never benefited them. Nowadays, allies deserted one after the other, unconcerned about old alliances. They were enraged, yet powerless to do anything about it. The tribesmen came to the altar after being prompted by Alice, flung the holy artifacts on the ground in a fit of wrath, and gave feedback to the King of Light through their own actions.

A blinding light fell from the sky above the altar at the instant the sacred artefact was shattered, piercing the bodies of all the tribal people, including Alice. Their body erupted in pitch black wings mingled with blood, and sharp fangs protruded from their lips as they moaned. This was the curse specified in the oath, a curse that would never be lifted. They turned into monsters that would never see the sun again after that. They would only be able to survive if they drank the blood of other races.

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Countless blood-stained demonic hands reached out from the ground as the light faded. The Abyss granted the Antalus family members "Eternal Life" as a reward for touching them. At this point, Alice also earned the demon's reward: enough power to take away all lives.

They recognized they had fallen into the gap between light and darkness as everything faded, and that they would no longer be accepted by the world. Alice led her tribe to confess their devotion in the Lord of the Abyss under the instruction of the demon. After that, the Antalus family vanished from the face of the earth. The Blood Demons were a separate race from the devils in the demons' group. They travelled in the darkness under Queen Alice's direction and became the Abyss' most devoted servants.

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I am not a pro in mobile legend but I like the chracter of alice.

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1 year ago

Alice is actually pretty strong in the game. She is a mage and a tank. One of the best heroes.

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1 year ago

They possess the both good and bad characters, nice to hear about it in detail.

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1 year ago

I think Alice is the most hated hero in the game because she is almost the root causes of someone's burden. Like what she did to Pharsa and Vexana.

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1 year ago