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A thrilled Kiss

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9 months ago

One cloudy day when a high school girl in our place message me and said that she want to borrow a book in mathematics.

I immediately said that its ok. I took the book and went to our meeting place.

As I am walking in the street I stop at the store because it rained.

I texted her if she was already there at the meeting place. And she said she was already there.

Without any umbrella or something to protect me from the rain, I ran to our meeting place.

Our meeting place was their second house where no one live except in night time because they go there to sleep together with her mom.

I was wet, she was there standing and waiting for me at the front door.

As I arrived, she opened the gate fast and then we entered the house.

Inside the house was the only two of us. I admit she is a beautiful and so hot and sexy girl. I am so attracted to her that I already had a boner.

I hand her the book, then suddenly she smacked a kiss from me. And that trigered me to kiss her and hug her. I kissed her like a french man 😂 and slowly hold her boobs with her shirt on. I wanted to go far but I realized and she told me that she have menstruation. After that we decided to part way.

Nothing follows, because I already woke up. And realized that it was only a dream 😂😂😂

Thank you for reading all the way here.

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