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A Nightmare

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10 months ago
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I felt devasted!
Hatred and pain covered my whole being
I'd realized that I loved the wrong person
But the lesson I've got gave me courage to stand on my own

I'd never thought of loving again
I was lost and I dont know where do I begin
Days,weeks,months and years had passed
I've learned to fix myself and move on

I also have my own life
Why will I imprison myself from the past?
So I decided to fix and collect the broken pieces of my heart
For it will be whole again and ready to love

Yes, honestly I do entertain boys
But my heart is guarded
I do flirting but not loving
And that is one of my regrets in my life

One day, someone came and knock to my heart
Someone I've known for so long
He is the one whom I trusted after my break up
Late night talks, sharing problems and happy moments

Until such time, I felt like I am falling for him
I am not ready to tell him because I dont want to be rejected again
And I am not sure if he feels the same way
But hell, I am so jealous everytime I heard a news about him flirting with other girls

Who am I?
I dont have the right to feel that way
We dont have label but we are exchanging I love you's
How weird boys are.

We fought just like lovers do.
I cried knowing that I am just the past time
Never be the priority
Never be the so called girlfriend

My mind told me to stop communicating
But my heart keeps on beating for him
God, why I am feeling this way?
I am desperate to have him but he's too hard to get

He decided, we decided to stop
And yeah, I agreed to it
Just a few months there he goes again
So I think he failed to have his girl whom he flirt with

So here I am ,accepting him
Without knowing that I will be hurt again
But it's okay , I cannot do anything because I love him

I am denial, but yes I do love him
Until one day, I was tired of understanding
It is not unhealty for me to be with him
It is an one sided love I think, and it really hurts me so much.

We see each other but we are like strangers
We are not classmates but we entered the same school
We became friend but never I felt that for him
We seperate ways for our own good and for the future.

I accepted the fact that we are not meant for each other.
But I am still praying for him that he will reciprocate my feelings
Desperate I am but I think this is the end of something
Oh I cannot stop crying.

Someone is shouting
Someone's shaking my shoulders
"Babe wake up, you are dreaming!"
I opened my eyes, and hugged him.


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10 months ago
Topics: Poetry, Club1BCH, Facts, Goals, Society, ...
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