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School and Earn

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You finished primary school and got your Primary School Leaving Certificate, and proceeded to secondary school. You passed your junior secondary school exams and got promoted to the senior class. You wrote WAEC, NECO, and JAMB. Your results were good enough to get you admitted to the school and course of your choice. Great, right.

Through your days at the university, you focused only on attending lectures, reading, writing exams, and obtaining good grades. Nothing else mattered. Good, that is your primary purpose in school. But what happens after school?

What if after school, you didn't get a job as early as expected and your parents are managing and have no extra money to give you for a startup. What will be your fate?

School is good, but it isn't enough. Who says you can't study and earn at the same time. Many students are earning a good amount online and still have good grades. A lot of users here are students. Kudos.

If you haven't started earning - off or online - you can start building your wealth NOW! Don't leave school with only a certificate and an empty wall and bank account. Let your bank or crypto wallet balance be proud. You can earn money on the side and still make good grades in school.

While there are several ways to earn while in school, I will focus on cryptocurrency in this post.

The internet has provided a lot of opportunities to students to earn online, and earning crypto is one of them.

Cryptocurrency is said to be the future of currency, and I concur. The truth is crypto is very risky. This is true for those who invest their money into it. Crypto can make or #rekt you. I know some who have become millionaires, thanks to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I’m not there, Yet. Still working towards it.

You can invest and trade in crypto if you have the fund. If not, there are various available opportunities to earn crypto without investment which is the aspect I'm interested in sharing with you.

Many believe you have to be rich to have cryptocurrency, but that's not the case. Some crypto is cheap you can buy millions of units for 1000 naira.

When I got aboard the crypto ship, I bought a coin of $5 which was worth 2500 naira at that moment. Within 2 months, the value of the coin increased to $37. That's more than a 7x increase. I made a profit of $32 in two months with just $5. Imagine I bought that of $100 I would have gotten more than $700.

Now the good part is, the $5 I invested wasn't from my bank, it was crypto I earned for free.

So the idea here is, if you are scared of losing your money, look for ways to earn crypto without investment, and use whatever you earn to trade.

Here are some of the ways I earn crypto without investment.

  1. Crypto Mining.

  2. Faucets: my favorite faucet is Pipeflare.

  3. Get paid to: I earn crypto when I browse with Presearch.

  4. Earning Bitcoin cash by posting on and

There are several other ways to earn without investing your money, you just find the one that suits your preference.

Lead image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

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Written by   14
1 month ago
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