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Yum! Brand Gave Me A Pay Raise!

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1 year ago

You all know I am a dividend investor. Anytime a company pays out a dividend, I get paid. Essentially, it's another payday for me beyond my day job. Because of this, I invest in stock/funds that pay out generous and sustainable dividends. I prefer to consider a stock an asset rather than equity. I don't want to sell the cow to make money, I'd rather sell the milk it creates.

Sometimes these companies will raise the dividend that they pay out to their share holders. Today we are looking at Yum! Brands. They declared that their next dividend payment will be $0.47 per share owned. The previous dividend per share was $0.42. This is a $0.05 pay raise per share. If we break this down, that is an 11.9% pay raise! Pretty juicy! If you own shares of $YUM by February 13th, you'll be able to receive this dividend. You will get the payment on March 6th for this. 

Personally, I do not actively invest in $YUM. Instead, I use a platform called Bumped to help me earn stock back rewards. When I purchase from Taco Bell or Pizza Hut I earn fractional shares of $YUM. Overall, I have 0.168 shares of $YUM. It is not a huge holding, but I earned it passively, for free, and it earns me a dividend. I'll be getting roughly $0.07 in dividend from $YUM in March.

For further information, you can use this Seeking Alpha article. This is all using their free platform, no need for Premium or Pro.


Do you have $YUM in your portfolio? Do you enjoy Yum! Brands food? Let me know in the comments below!

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