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It's Data Privacy Day!

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1 year ago

Data Privacy day? What does that even mean? 

Well, to be fair, I am not entirely sure. I am not a tin-foil hat wearing person so when people rant and rave about having their data used and sold, I don't understand. Personally, I LOVE when my data and internet history is used to customize my experience. It curated content for what I want to see specifically. 

If someone wanted to steal my identity, I may even let them! I've lived a chunk of my own life and let me tell ya, it's been a rough one. So good luck to whom ever wants to try and step in and take it over!

More over than all this goofy data related stuff I am talking about, I want to touch on one of my holdings that is related to Data Privacy. That would be Iron Mountain ($IRM). I've been investing in them for almost 6 months now and they have treated me well. 

They specialize in handling big corporate accounts and manage their data and files. Both physical copies as well as digital copies. I drive past one of the $IRM hubs every day in Columbus, and it is nice to see that the company is still doing well. Plus, the company I work for uses $IRM to handle documents, so it gives me even more faith in the company. 


Anywho, how do you guys feel about Data Privacy? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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10 months ago

Oh okay, thanks! I will need to do a refreshed on the ToS to see if I am allowed to reuse articles from Publish0x.

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10 months ago