Is Your Portfolio Bleeding Today?

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4 years ago

With all this news of a virus coming from China over to the US (and other countries, too!) many people are panicking and selling off their stocks. 

Now, I'm not exactly sure what a virus has to do with the stock market or why it would be affecting us in such a negitive and way, but these are times where the emotions of investors are tested. 

For me, I had been thinking about selling off a chunk of my taxable portfolio and moving it into the Roth and holding cash. It looks like I missed the window to do that though, seeing as the market has begun to drop before I could lock in some decent gains. 

Sadly, most emotional investors are doing quite the opposite right now and are selling out of their positions in fear that they will just keep losing value. 

Now that I have missed a window of opportunity I will continue to stay invested and keep putting my usual $10 into the market each week. But this doesn't bother me since it's all about the long game here. 

But I am still looking at a point to lock in my profits and switch over to focusing on my Roth IRA and holding cash. 

What are your plans if this trend continues? Just remember you don't lose money until you see. 😉

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