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YouTube Monetization - Upload Videos and Start Earnings

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11 months ago

If your YouTube channel meets that rule or requirement for Monetization, then yes of course, you can get the YouTube monetization activated.

What are the rules?

To activate you will need to have good videos, your videos must be seen on daily basis. But the difficult and main part of the requirement is you need to have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel, and a minimum of 4,000 watch hours to your videos in last 365 days.

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Can I get approved?

Keep in mind with your first single video, it’s impossible to get 1k (1000) subscribers and 4k (4000) hours watch time. You would need at least a bunch of videos to fulfill that requirement, and neither YouTube will approve your request having single video for Monetization

To be get approved for Monetization you need to keep in mind:

  • You need to have more videos

  • All videos shall be of same topic/category

  • Videos shall meet the criteria laid down by YouTube

  • None of your videos shall violate any rule

  • Complete Watch Time in last 365 days

  • You have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel.

  • You didn't violated any rules in last 30 days.

Then of course you can be get approved.

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Here is some logic and statistics to calculate watch time, I mean how much watch time you will get.

Let's assume you upload 35 videos of different duration (maybe in a week, two months or so). Each one is of different duration, considering an average time every uploaded video is 7 minutes.

You get on average 60 unique views (means 60 different persons) daily and each one watches 3 videos for 5 minutes each video.

Image 03

v (daily unique views) = 60

n (number of video each person watches) = 3

d (watch duration each video) = 5

y (total days in a year) = 365

w (watch for last 365 day) = ?

w = v * n * d * y

= 60 * 3 * 5 * 365

= 328,500 (Minutes)

= 328,500 / 60

= 5,475 (Hours)

Boom you got the watch time required for enabling Monetization on YouTube.

Similarly, the more people watches your videos you get more subscribers. assume If one video gains 1000 views and brings around 50 subscribers, then it’s pretty much obvious that rest of the videos will get you the ultimate YouTube monetization for your channel.

Is that it to upload videos only?

Yes, that is it BUT no hold on just uploading won't give you watch time and subscribers....

Image 04

The main thing is you have to upload/post more videos,and promote your videos, otherwise no one will get a chance to view/watch them, and you will have no subscribers or views (watch time) coming to your channel.

What do I need to do?

So don’t forget promote your videos as well. If you are active on different social networks, forums, websites and difficult platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. , then you can do it all by yourself. It would just take some times and hard efforts.

Image 05

I am very active on different Social Netwotks, what would I do there?

Find different groups on Facebook or other social networks related to your topic/category (YouTube videos' category/topic). Post your video link in those groups or in any of your favorite social networks or website/forum, along with some short but attractive description, and convenience people to watch your video(s). Repeat the same process on daily basis for every/more video(s). The more you try the more you get views.

Do NOT spam.

Do NOT violate rules of the website/social networks etc.

Is there any alternative method, I can't do it myself or I don't have time or I don't understand.

Yes, of course, alternatively you can simply outsource this task to a reliable site instead. There are lots of site providing the same services (watch time and subscribers), what they do is that they own a couple of social-media groups and forums, where they promote their clients’ (in your case your) videos.

So if you don’t have time or networks to do the promotion yourself, you can outsource it.


Upload couple of awesome/attractive videos, promote those videos on several different networks, either yourself or by hiring someone. That can make your channel eligible for the monetization.

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11 months ago
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I have YouTube with 500 subscribers but I don't focus on youtube coz I don't even know what to post there. Lol.

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10 months ago

You can make videos on what you do write or the game you play or the statistics etc.

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10 months ago

Wow! I learned from this , thank you soo much for sharing.

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10 months ago

You are welcome. Try to work hard

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10 months ago