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Crypto Needs to Look at the UX More.

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1 year ago

Over the last week, some if not many of you I'm sure saw the incident where Gold bug and Bitcoin Critic Peter Schiff posted about not being able to recover his bitcoin wallet.

Peter did outline that it was user error and that he mistook his pin for his password and that he never backup his seed. Many on Twitter went after him about how it's important to backup your seed and that everyone involved in Bitcoin should now that.

Here's the thing, we should be building Bitcoin and crypto more in general, to be so easy to use that people don't have to worry about losing funds or getting confused about the difference between passwords, pin, seeds, etc.

I got involved in this space a mere weeks before the BTC/BCH fork and the thing is, the UX (User Experience) has not changed much for any crypto in that time frame. Sure some wallets have a nicer look and fee but the very basics of proper fund management have not changed.

My hope for the next decade is that we focus on the UX of crypto to make it so easy, my grandma, or in this case, Mr. Schiff can use it without having to worry about losing funds.

Shout out to the DASH community and there up incoming Dash platform. Once it comes out of beta and starts to get implemented as a standard, my hope is that those who know how to develop software (since I don't have the skill) will be able to use some of the Dash platforms functionality and apply it to BCH.

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