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1 month ago

All came in a huge flash of light

How I came into existence is a mystery

Some say it is nature

Some say it is a god

Science says it is nature

Religion says it is a god

What are we to choose then

If I am to tell myself the truth

I don't know the answer

The beautiful trees and its flowers

The people walking around freely

The birds that fly in the sky

The creeping animals that walk on the ground

What is the answer

A question steps into the mind each minute

Who created science then

Who created god

A question for the next millennium

No one can answer that question

Many have lived many have died

No one has been alive from the beginning

No one to tell us a story

What should I then believe in

The supernatural or paranormal

Confusion strays in the mind

I really need an answer

Who will give it to me

Nature or Science or Religion

What I know is that we live and at the end we die

After death we pray and hope for the answer

But for now

believe in yourself and what you believe in


I'll love comments literature fans. How was it. If you notice poetic devices or you admire such put it down in the comments area.

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