Interview With Joël Valenzuela "Living Entirely on Crypto" - The Unconstrained Podcast

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3 years ago

I had the great pleasure of appearing on the Unconstrained Podcast to talk about my story of living on cryptocurrency. We covered my entry into the space in 2013 and fiat-free income pledge at the end of 2015 all the way up until the present day, and went over why it matters to limit your exposure to the fiat currency system, especially in the wake of the global hyperinflation disaster that may befall us as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

We also mentioned previous struggles with Bitcoin in becoming a true digital cash for the world, and the disillusionment many felt when buying into the fiat-replacement hype that the coin ultimately failed to deliver. Naturally that went to my encouragement to try again, that it is possible to live entirely off of cryptocurrency in the present day, and an urging to join the #FiatFreeChallenge this May and see how far we can get without fiat currency.

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