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Bill wants to fool us again

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3 months ago

Hey, I'm here again! Yes, the crazy dude who writes stuff on the internet!

Is it possible that someone gets angry reading the news? Yes, you guessed it again!
I find myself with an interview and I finish the article pissed off, although I know I should be humble with those who don't understand it. What pisses me off is that the interviewee is Bill and he says that cryptos are the system of the dumbest, that he prefers to invest in things that generate value, that does not produce anything, etc...

Sorry, I wasn't talking about the sex scandal Bill during his presidential term. He was talking about the Bill who used his ability to deceive many (Xerox, Apple, IBM) and took extreme risks to get the position he has today, Bill Gates.

Who does this man want to fool now? He knows that many coins and tokens are worth nothing but he is not so arrogant as not to investigate and know that this technology has great potential. Comments like "I don't see how one overrated monkey design could help the world" are the ones that anger me because this "gentleman" is trying to insult our intelligence and discredit the work of many. Surely he spends his time inflating altcoin prices with his friend Warren and then goes around telling this nonsense.

Blockchains are now like the websites of the late '90s, pixelated 🤣

We'll see twenty years from now when these people aren't bothering us, if all those companies you're looking for "product value" are using this technology or if they aren't at all. I would say that he wants to deceive us again and that he is advising his people to accumulate Ethereum, 😂

Well, my anger is over, laughter is therapy!

I'll be buying every drop all I can afford to lose.

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Written by   2
3 months ago
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