Splinterlands Soulbound Rewards - Another Nerf or Brilliant Anti-Bot Measure??

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11 months ago

The Splinterlands blockchain-based video game has considered introducing solulbound NFT rewards cards in an effort to stop bots from farming the rewards, selling them, and driving down the value that real players earn from interacting with the game. Although the intentions behind the introduction of soulbound NFT rewards in Splinterlands are noble, will it really help? Or, will bots find a way around the proposed changes and continue to extract maximum value from Splinterlands simply by the raw number of matches they play? I'll let you be the judge because in today's video, we are talking all about soulbound rewards in Splinterlands, what they mean for the game, what they mean for bots, and most importantly, what they mean for you the player. #nft #splinterlands #crypto Support my work here https://linktr.ee/ThePartTimeEconomist

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