Archmage Splinterlands Bot - Is This The Future of NFTs??

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1 year ago

The recent launch of the Splinterlands Archmage bot, and its accompanying NFT token, proves what I have been trying to tell people for months. NFTs can be used for so much more than the simple representation of digital art which seems to gather all the media attention. In today's post. I'd like to explain how the Archmage Splinterlands bot could be a glimpse into the future of a world where NFTs are used not just for recording ownership of digital artwork but also for serving as "access tokens" that allow users to access online services. In contrast to a traditional subscription that is a non-transferable contract between the original party and the original purchaser, subscriptions that are represented as NFTs have the added benefit of being transferable between parties on the secondary market. As with all of my videos, this is not financial advice, and I am not recommending or disrecommending any particular projects or coins. Rather, the goal is to use recent news to provide a tangible, relatable example of theoretical cryptocurrency and NFT concepts. Thanks for dropping by

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