Never The Right Moment Until The Moment Is Right... Or So We Think.

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Wednesday, 17th November

Thank You - Dido

My tea's gone cold

I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all

The morning rain clouds up my window

And I can't see at all

And even if I could, it'd all be grey

But your picture on my wall

It reminds me that it's not so bad

It's not so bad.

I drank too much last night, got bills to pay

My head just feels in pain

I missed the bus and there'll be hell today

I'm late for work again

And even if I'm here, they'll all imply

That I might not last a day

And then you call me and it's not so bad

It's not so bad.


And I want to Thank You

For giving me the best day of my life

Oh, just to be with you

Is having the best day of my life...


That's the lyrics to one of my all-time favorite songs. Listening to it, I could just imagine having someone who'd be that for me you know, cause not everyone actually have that.

Anyway, it actually reminded me of a story I would like to share. I'd say the title would be "Never The Right Moment." However, this story is fictitious and I would be telling it based on a third person point of view.

Before I commence, I would like to pose this question;

Have you ever wanted to ask out someone but the moment to do so isn't always right?


Her eyes, oh her eyes. They got me everytime. They could never be classified as one color. They rebelled, taking on a different hue everyday. Every hour. Every moment. But they always sparkled with this emotion I could never place.

His smile, oh his smile. It zapped my heart everytime. His smile was something never to be taken for granted. He rarely showed it around people, but when he did, oh it was magic. The slight dimple in his cheek revealed his boyish nature. But they always drifted from one another.

The timing never right. One was in a relationship. The other fresh out of one. Or, both were single, but not ready to mingle and when they would mingle, it was with the wrong people. It was like that for years.

Until this.

It was drizzling.

Her car was littered with tiny droplets of rain as she tried countless times to start it. It wouldn't start. She got out and stared, hopeless, underneath the chilled ambient drizzle of the rain. She wondered how she could get to work in this condition? She contemplated while the majestic raindrops falling from the sky wets her hood.

She sighs, surrendering to the will of the rain.

Tiny droplets lands on her lips, almost immediately touching her tongue. A smile tilts her lips, her tardiness to the office momentarily taking a back seat.

He watches her. His unprotected tapered hair catching droplets of the rain.

He had come here to break up with his girlfriend, whose name he'd already forgotten. He didn't know she had lived so close to her. Isabelle. The one woman who seemed unattainable.

At her surprised appearance, he'd dropped his keys; causing her attention to shift towards him.

With his gaze still on her and hers on his, he crouched down, fumbling in the cold rain for his car keys. But after stubbing his finger, he risks a glanced down swiping them up.

A/N: What happens next?? I would like to think that they have found their right moment if you could even call it that. I'm not even sure that I believe in such a concept, "The Right Moment." I guess I just would like to think that life in itself is a collection of moments, either good or bad, or right or wrong. I think only us could determine which is which for us. The idea is to have as many good ones as you can, at least that we can control.

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We all go about looking for love, looking for someone who makes our heart skip a bit , more like a fire but in most cases what we are searching for is close by.

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