Who Am I?

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The measure of a person, of a hero…is how well they succeed at being who they are.” (Frigga- Avengers: Endgame)

The question of identity is the most common and yet very tough question people ask. Kids ask their parents, teens ask their teachers, many ask google but none of these can answer the questions because the answer is hidden in YOU.

Most people ask this when trying to define purpose and give meaning to their existence. So I guess that same question brought you here, and if you have been able to answer this question "great!!!".

Ok a little story before I dive deep into the core of article.

I got into a season of life as a teenager where I was seriously seeking Purpose. Every must pass through this stage, because fulfilment comes in knowing that you are living for a purpose which you are actively fulfilling. I read books, articles and it still did not satisfy my hunger, you know why? because I thought they should tell me but no! Nobody apart from the God you serve and yourself have access to this information. Sorry to burst your bubbles, This article cannot tell you who you are but It is just a pure guide on how to discover YOU!

Who am I? You start by studying yourself. In studying yourself, you will know your temperaments, your strengths and weaknesses, areas of your interests, also areas of your pains.

I am a Christian, so I got very close to the bible. I began studying more and more and more. Using myself as a case study, I am this very emotional person (I can discern energies through people feelings), I really cry on rare occasions, I hated poverty so much because I have had my fare share of it, I hated seeing how ignorant people are to their potent abilities( I was truly interested in Education >> read my article on Schooled not Educated). I was highly interested in education (not school*) and technology.

Before I go deeper, I just want to enlighten you a bit. Your purpose is not an occupation/job but could be expressed through it. Your purpose cannot be "I want to be a banker, or engineer" this is just an occupation. Your purpose gives definition to your life pursuits.

In very simple words, your purpose must be one that adds value to humanity, it must not destroy the social fabric of society. After sometime, I discovered that my purpose was to enlighten young minds and help them unleash their geniuses in the sphere technology. I realized I would be more people Inclined than tech inclined and yet I would help people *unleash that hidden gifts in them through whatever technologies I build. This was the core of my discovery.

No matter what I do, where I go to, expressions I use (such as this article) I seek to achieve the above.

I know we often say "Ideas rule the world" I respect this but I think "*purpose *vision rules the world. What was Steve Jobs and Wozniak thinking when they founded Apple Inc, or Bill Gates when He founded Microsoft or Mark Zuckerburg or other prominent men and women. They had a purpose, a vision then boom Ideas began branching out!

Discover who you are!!! I call it the YOU in you.

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