What you have that no AI can ever have!

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2 years ago
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The tug-of-war question of who wins ,'Human or AI' ,has been answered and the answer is simple >>> we have what robots don't have! Let's find out

Artificial Intelligence is predicted as the breed of intelligence that replaces many aspects of human relevance because they can carry out those activities excellently without tiredness. The funny thing is that they evolve, this means that when they start out with a 2% degree of accuracy, they can evolve to a 98% level within few hours.

With my scary introduction, I want you to say this "Robots should remain as tools". I have read books like Life 3.0, superintelligence and other AI vs Human related books and although I respect their philosophies but I know that no matter how a Robot evolves, the robot cannot do two things:

  • Love

  • Wisdom

When robots are being mentioned, many people get scared because the scarce jobs will go into extinction but also, new levels of jobs will be created. These jobs will be tied to human ability to do two things ;Love and Wisdom.

Ask Jack Ma,

"AI will be very good with data but not wisdom" - Jack Ma at Shanghai debate with Elon Musk.

It is undoubtedly true that a robot will be excellent at solving problems that are data intensive, and they will do this accurately but when it comes to something of the heart like Love and Wisdom, they do not have the framing for such issues. Love has not logical explanation and if it does, it isn't love because true love is illogical!

Also you cannot program wisdom using zeros and ones because it is a heart thing! it is Meta.

If there is a problem that has not existed before and data is not provided, AI can fail woefully! AI will be able to access emotions because when humans are sad, it can gather data from our facial expressions, voice etc. but it cannot express emotions.

Issues of wisdom are those of creativity. Creativity means bringing to existence what have never existed before. Solving problems using high level of creativity will be requirements for future jobs.

Now that you know what you have which makes you superlative to AI, have you grown them? how much have you learnt to love? how creative are you?

In the coming years, the world will need not just university graduates but highly creative and emotionally intelligent people because they possess what AI cannot have!

Creativity will be the hallmark

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2 years ago
Topics: AI, Human, Future