The Qs of Life: I.Q, E.Q, S.Q

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What's your IQ? who cared about EQ or SQ?

Q stands for Quotient

There are many kinds of Qs but I have isolated these three because they top the list. They are; Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Spiritual Quotient, Financial Quotient.

Intelligence Quotient

The most common of the Qs and the most abused. Many of us grew up with the 'your IQ is low' signposts on our heads but many have ignored all other forms of Qs. Ok since this is my grand entry in this Q, I will try to stay off other Qs but In another paragraph compare them.

Intelligence quotient is a An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score derived from a set of standardized tests or subtests designed to assess human intelligence.

Basically they say you have a high IQ when you excel well in your books, can think very fast and smart and answer questions well in class! hahaha!

Of course having this Q is nice, everyone are jealous of you because school principals love like these. But can IQ take you far in life? I am not against it but I am like the emphasis on this Q is so much. I have a good IQ and this ain't no form of blasphemy but my friend we need other Qs.

Haven't you heard:::

Life is about Balance

You might be very scholarly and a genius but you need other Qs too!

Emotional Quotient

This Quotient has been ignored for many years but it happens to be esteemed high by a few percentage of the world, and they are the CEOs, wealthy and owners of huge conglomerates.

Emotional Quotient is a measure of understanding a person has such that he/she can relate with people, influence them towards achieving a desired goal. This is the basic definition of EQ. This is why those who have this Q are majorly leaders because how in the world will you influence people with EQ? you wonna try that with IQ?

You know why many of us do not keep relationships? It is because we underrate this form of intelligence.

Treating people well is so underrated. Remember the magic words - Please, Sorry, excuse me, thank you.

(In my country, Nigeria, some people often use three of these at a time hahaha!!! we hear something like "sorry please excuse me,...")

Making healthy communications with people and being able to coexist peacefully with them is a branch of this.

Many marriages are broken not because of IQ issues but EQ issues so let us pay attention to this!

As we teach our kids the read their books, let us also teach them how to make good friends, start conversations, etiquettes and many more!!!

Spiritual Quotient

This Quotient is the most ignored of all. This Quotient is willfully ignored by people because even though they have it and it is just low, they tend to be scientific about the approach to life. None of these Quotients stands on their own but each relate with one another and sometimes tend to surpass another.

Spiritual Quotient is a measure of spiritual knowledge, information and principles a person has learnt and able to produce undeniable results in different circumstances.

Financial Quotient

Actually many schools, universities and even parents miss it here. They tell us not to love money and even in this innocent communication, there lies a devil!

School teaches us nothing or very odd things about money and life doe not care, everyone pays for ignorance equally. The FQ is made up of how much genius one has about saving, investing, money, finances etc. This Q when disregarded leads to nothing but poverty!

Develop each Q and do not despise any! IQ is as dependent of EQ which also depends on FQ and then SQ. I place SQ at the top because religious beliefs are the most powerful. - My humble advice!

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God bless you and thanks for reading!

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Topics: Education, IQ, EQ, SQ