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So You must have heard about the Metaverse before now but think for one sec! the MetaVerse = MetaProblems = MetaOpportunities ! It's all Meta!

In the MetaVerse, a Lame man can walk!

According to Oxford dictionary,

The MetaVerse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

Every Giant tech company is running head-over-heels for this tech or extended reality which is the general term for VR, AR, and MR ( virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality respectively). Facebook changed her name to Meta and is making huge strides alongside others like Apple Inc etc.

I am a tech enthusiast and extended reality has been my childhood dream, but I am not here to bore you out with information or how much progress they have achieved instead I just wonna stick to the subject matter >> MetaOpportunities and MetaProblems.

According to Wikipedia,

Meta means beyond or after

So imagine that point where the MetaVerse fully exists, everyone has access to it all they need are the hololens and 5G internet connection, there exist boundless opportunities within this *verse. People can make money, have shops( virtual selling spaces), work, gamble, meet friends, game, and many more. Whatever they do in the metaverse can affect them in the real world, like money/ artifacts(NTFs) won in the metaverse would be credited you in the real world.

Beyond the opportunities listed above, the list is endless. The lame can walk in the metaverse. Education will be made easy as students will have direct imagery and contact with objects of study such as rocks, rivers, bones, planets etc. The can virtually learn anything. Also, staffs of companies can be trained with very little costs and less loss. They could be equipped and then given virtually tests such as a pilot flying a plane in the digital verse. These are great opportunities.

The opportunities are META!!! especially when this runs on the blockchain!


But there are also MetaProblems like; how will addictions be controlled? how will families raise kids when everyone is busy in the MetaVerse? how will we differentiate reality from the virtual world?

As shown in ready player one, people could put all their real cash to get Armory for a game because of the million dollar worth of artifacts that could be won, some commit suicide on losing, and many more.

People are so addicted to Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, tiktok and many more and these offer just on-screen experiences, but now the metaverse offer immersive experience! like you are immersed totally in a new world! this is a higher level of addiction, you could spend hours in it without knowing. Think of how our children will cope, how much time we will spend physically with those we love.

I am not a spoiler, I love the idea of the MetaVerse but let us be informed holistically because technology has bad sides and good sides! Let us not just applaud the good side and then leave the bad side to wreck our world!

If you ask me,

"I am a fan of reality, because nothing is as real as reality!" - James Haliday

I culled this line from James Haliday, the character that created the metaverse in the movie Ready player one. Yes the metaverse would be real but what if it turns out looking like the matrix?? how would you tell the difference?

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