Cryptocurrencies: The wealth of the Future

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Have you tried to imagine how wealth in the future will be? how it will be transferred? how banks will operate? Imagine for one minute that you want to give your child or benefactors inheritance and all you give are email addresses and passwords to your e-wallets... such a time is not far from now!!!

Cryptocurrencies as we have seen in recent years have changed how we see wealth and money. Somehow it is closing the margin between the poor and wealthy. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and all other currencies, tokens and blockchains, it is obvious that wealth flows and made many people extremely wealthy. Unlike other investments systems, the cryptocurrency which runs on the blockchain is not a respecter of persons, by persons I mean no age discrimination, sex, religion etc. It is a huge bail out to the poor and an avenue for the rich to make more wealth.

Okay, so why give it such a captivating title? 'The wealth of the future' It is truly the wealth of the future because from current speculations and many decentralized platforms coming into place, the world is going crypto!!! hahaha bingo! that's the word. Remember there was a time where parents had to buy houses and lands for inheritance to give to their kids, this age is one where parents would buy cryptos as investments for their children.

If you are an unbeliever, and by this I mean you find the crypto talks boring or uninteresting, this paragraph is dedicated to you. I know you don't believe in it but people are really talking about it, why? why would you thing cars are going electrical and money would remain the same? why do you think science and tech is advancing and yet we would need to carry bills or go to a bank to withdraw cash? In the nearest future I am quite sure that centralized banks( or anything that refuses to run on the blockchain) will be as obsolete as the Post office because they forgot to harness the opportunities before them.

How will payments be made? how will stuffs be bought in the soon-to-exist metaverse? how will funds be raised? - the answers to these questions are CRYPTOS

Huge credits to Satoshi Nakamoto, but now you have to grab this opportunity. The fact that the crypto space is booming and there are lots of sweet talks about it does not mean there aren't woes and fraudsters, of course there are! but you need to make researches, understand how it works, read the contracts, know the tokens, agenda( purpose or story behind it), believe in it and persevere.

To make wealth through crypto, you must not make it a main source of income, it could just be a stream but not the main! Also you have to Believe and Persevere, these two are very important in your crypto journey. When most coins/token started, not everyone believed in it e.g Bitcoin, Ethereum. Some believed but never persevered in that at the first boom, they sold off all they had - this is not bad but it leads to regrets. (I will write an article about this called 'The art of HODLing')

Don't expect everyone to believe in the token/coin you are buying, the crowd could be wrong if they are not seeing what you are seeing.

The wealth of the Future is truly cryptos so learn to HODL even if you cannot be a trader!!!

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