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When boredom hits me!

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2 months ago

Hello! Good day, people of God. How's your day started? I do hope that each of you has a great day and feels fine inside even though life gets tough. Always remember that we are loved by Him.☝

This article I want to share with you is all about what I usually watch when I'm bored or alone in the house. 


Everyone of us has its own boredom reliever to let ourselves be entertained for something good to our eyes and to our eyes. Yes, we do have different interests on how to ease the boredom and this time I will share with you what's mine to make you know me better. lol😁First on my lists is the:

National Geographic Channel 

Yes, this really made my day an additional learning opportunity for me. I really like this for the main reason is that I can learn more about the animals and plants. Especially on how they will develop and grow. Every day is a new beginning for them to grow their whole being. What I like the most about them is how they adapt to each other and how they will live and how they find ways to survive. Their development makes me feel amazed and wonder how they made it. God can only make them fully developed and only God can only answer about it.

Surely, if young ones make this as their new habit to watch this kind will definitely start to love nature and animals too. We can learn more while watching this channel. This is not a waste of time to spend with yet learning to foster more and more every day. 

Image source: national geographic com


You heard it right. Maybe some of you do not have the love to watch this kind but for me this can really help relieve my inner self from stress and problems. I don't know but I like how Vice Ganda entertained the "madlang people '' in his own simple way. Even sometimes he insults some but in the long run we can still laugh and make our faces smile. What I really love about this show is the "Tawag ng Tanghalan '' segment. I love to watch the contenders singing their favorite song that is mostly dedicated to their loved ones.

The hosts as well make me laugh regarding their conversation towards each other. They are funny and talented. 

Image source: showtime

CinemaOne and PBO

I also love to watch this for the reason that I like tagalog movies most especially when it is a comedy and love story. The comedies I like to watch are the movies of the "King of Comedy", none other than Dolphy. I like the way he act even sometimes his jokes has no sense. Heheheh but I really had a good time watching.

The love stories I also like to watch are the movies of Maricel Soriano. She is very talented the way she act. Not over acting but just a natural way. I love the way she interact to her loveteam. Also it such a funny thing about watching her movies. 😊

I really appreciate the old movies. For me, it is unique and effortless yet has a beautiful effect. Even though it does not have nice filters, or some has a low quality pictures. But for me, it is such a nice one to watch. 

These three channels I've shared are usually what I watched. These made my day even if i'm alone in the house. These made my mood better in a way they shared their side.

Thank you for dropping by. 😊

Lead image: unsplash


Thank you to my sponsors for always sharing their blessings to me even though I seldom active here due to the reason I have a baby. More blessings to each of you. God bless!


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Written by   72
2 months ago
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Ay sa kabibang bakod naman ako, sis. Dabarkads hehe.

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2 months ago

Ah gnun ba hehehe masaya din don sa kabila... 😁

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2 months ago