You were mine then, now and ever(XII)

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The two looked at the woman at the same time. Sadness they saw on the face then. When the lawyer stood up and said goodbye, Claire also stood up.

"I'll take you outside, Alex ..." And she followed the lawyer .

The two were left in the library. Jessica spoke first.

"I don't know how you got Daddy's trust, Nick!" she said bitterly. "I cannot imagine that he trusted you that much!" mixed with sarcasm she added.

Nick also answered in a mocking voice.

"Oh, yes, my dear! To the point that he didn't just entrust me with a hacienda. Even her only daughter. "

"Because Daddy knows nothing about your personality!" she did not want to say that but it was too late to take it.

Nick got up from his seat and approached her. Again those cruel eyes that seemed to consume Jessica's whole being. It hardly looked at him.

" What do you mean?" that question is calm but not what the face signifies.

Jessica stood up and walked out of the room. Nick grabbed her arm quickly and tightly.

" Answer my question!"

"N-Nick ... I'm in pain!" Jessica moaned. The man's hands is like an iron it was buried in her arm.

"Nick!" Claire.

He let go of Jessica who took the opportunity and ran out of the room to go upstairs. Claire was left staring at Nick. The man sat down softly.

IN THE ROOM Jessica thought deeply about her father's last will and testament.

Her heart and soul are tied to each other! Why did Daddy do this? What if Nick doesn't want them to be together again? It hurts her to think that! But which is more painful? To lose an inheritance or to lose a loved one?

ONE WEEK that the deduction day has been fixed Jessica still has not decided what to do. That day she took charge of withdrawing the salaries of the people at the hacienda. She was about to leave the bank when someone shouted. She looked at it.

"Gino!" smiling she approached the pick-up, "How are you? How come since Daddy's funeral you haven't been home yet?"

"I'm too busy, Jess. I'm a management trainee now and I need to be famous with the Mayor," he replied. "I heard that. And in a big oil company with a branch here with us?"

The young man stared at her. Clinging to the jeans beneath the long boots. The yellow t-shirt is tucked in.

"You're looking good! I didn't even know you when your Daddy awake!"

"You too, you're even more handsome ...." she praised, which is true because if you look at the young man, as if you saw Tom Cruise.

"Oh, yeah, but not enough to complete with Mr. Macho ..." he replied referring to Nick.

"What happened, Jess? I mean .... to you and Nick?" its voice was serious at last. Sadness appeared on Jessica's face. Didn't answer right away. "You don't have to answer if you don't want to, Jess. I was just worried, you know ..." shrugged.

"Even Daddy was surprised when you suddenly got married. It was like a whirlwind ... then the next thing I heard was that you were in America after barely a month."

"Go home once, Gino. We'll talk ..." she invited the boy.

The other person's eyes twinkled.

"I'm free right now. If you want, like the other day, let's race? From the end to the opening of the big house? Gino challenged.

Jessica felt excited. When they were in high school they did it. When Mang Berto picks her up from school the other day, she forces him to drive a jeep and she and Gino race. Sometimes, with their other classmates and gangs. But Manong Berto never tell to his Daddy.

But now, if she thinks about it, her father probably knows that. It just keeps quiet. Except once it reminded him to always be careful driving. Probably because Philip also knew that she was not abusing the freedom she was given, except for a little fun.

"You're on! As usual, the starting point is at the end .."

The destination is the entrance to the hacienda where there are no more passing vehicles. She returned to the parked Range Rover. An envelope full of staff was thrown out the window.

Gino's pick-up was spotted. This is new, but it will not win over his Range Rover. Fortunately, she did not bring the L300 van. She motioned for Gino, towards the end.

Next to him ....

"Are you ready?"

Gino smiling at him.

"Okay ..."

"Ready ... get set ... GO!"

And it drove the pick-up. The way smoked in the dust as they released. Jessica was overjoyed. She does not experience this in America. Gino was there first .. He was there ... and they were facing each other.

"You haven't won me yet, Gino!" she shouted once they were honest.

"Mark this day, Babe!" the young man laughed.

And the two continued to run fast. From below you can see the big house and Jessica is moaning a little. She looked straight into the rear view mirror and did not immediately notice the group of buffaloes crossing from the left side of the road.

"Jess, look out!" Gino shouted warning even though he knew the woman could not hear.

He waved his hand with all his might and pointed to Jessica crossing the buffaloes.

Jessica's eyes widened at what she saw! The Range Rover is fast ... Even if she brakes, the tires will slip and she will hit the buffaloes.

And she will surely be in danger. She must precede the buffaloes on the right side of the road! That was the only way she could not hit them. Terrified, she turned the steering wheel to the right and slowly stepped on the brakes. Only two inch between her and the buffaloes.

She was already braking and crashing into the coconut tree when the car stopped under the tree.

Suddenly she sank to the steering wheel. Very scared of what might have happened. When she raised her face it was Nick she saw his horse quickly get off. He ran to where she was and opened the car door.

"Are you hurt, Jess?" Jessica was overwhelmed with concern over his voice and face.

"I'm just scared ..." she answered weakly at the same time.

"Are you sure?" And it pulled the hair off his forehead and stroked the look on her body.

"I'm ... I" m okay, Nick ... really ... "her chest throbbed no longer for fear of an imminent accident. But because Nick was so close to him.

Gino ran closer. Peek through the passenger's seat window.

"Jess, are you alright?" He asked anxiously, still gasping ..

"It's my fault, if didn't challenge you ... I hope ......"

"Racing ?!"

Nick was ready for what the young man would say.

"Did you race from town to here?"

His eyes narrowed as he looked at Gino.

"Well ..." and the young man nodded softly. Avoid thinking Nick.

"Go home, Gino!" Nick's stare was stern.

"You can't command me like that, Nick!" Gino answered firmly though and hesitated with Nick.

Nick's mouth watered.

"Do you want to try to send me home?" "I'm not afraid of you, you just can't order me around ..." and looked straight at Nick.

Jessica peeked out the other window. Want to get bored with both.

"Can you two stop!" She said in a loud shout. And look at Gino, "" Please ... we'll talk some other time, Gino ... "

To be continue.......

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