You were mine then, now and ever (VII)

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Your husband is looking at two haciendas, hija ... It's a good thing we don't do much here with us because we were neglected for a long time. There aren't as many men so Nick is just planting crops, "the old woman explained at length.
Despite what happened last night at the hands of  husband still does not eliminate the desire to see it. Jess feels frustrated that Nick is not at home. If it wasn't just embarrassing to the old woman, he didn't seem to want to eat anymore.

Does she love Nick that much? Why can't she hate it.?
It was 8:30 when she looked at the know clock on the right table when she heard the pick-up enter the garage. Jess was nervous and pretended to be asleep.

When Nick entered the room he went to the bathroom and in the rush of water Jess knew she was taking a bath. A few minutes later it came out and sat on the side of the bed.

"I know you're awake, Jess ..." and he slowly turned her wife forward .. Jess moaned slightly as Nick grabbed her arm. Nick quickly removed the blanket that was attached to Jessica's body and exposed the traces of the previous night.
"Oh ..." was all it said. I'm sorry Jess ... the sin I committed against you last night was so great. "Gently caressed her wife bruises." Jess does not know how to react to Nick's mood change. She does not meet its gaze. Nick tenderly kissed her bruised arms and neck. I'll make it up to you tonight, Jess ... " Jess s was shocked to hear. Want to panic. She pushed his husband.
"I don't want to!" she struggled but Nick gripped her. tightly.
"Please, Jess ... listen! That shouldn't be like that! I was angry and I felt cheated on our wedding ..." he said firmly. "Anyway, I shouldn't hurt you!" and he turned his wife to his chest and kissed her tenderly.

"I don't want to please!" Jessica was already crying Nick gently kissed her face. The cheeks, the eyes, the lips. "Believe me, I will not hurt you. I do not want to instill in your mind what happened last night," Nick whispered to her and between kisses. Jessica stiffened as Nick's lips dropped to hers. But he was flattered by her. Not in a hurry. It tempts and gently bites his lip.

Jessica slowly relaxed. Gradually the fear disappeared. Other emotions have replaced it. She could not explain. When Nick's lips dropped to her chest she was momentarily paralyzed. Contrary to what she expected, her body began to heat up. Hold him by the neck of her husband. When she suddenly passed Nick's kisses and she slowly responded, her kisses became aggressive and claimed but the gentleness was still there.

Subsequent moments covered the previous night. Jess could not explain the feelings Nick had aroused. In her husband arms she slept. Throughout that night she twice woke up to the hot kiss from Nick and again and again she let go. She feels like she is dreaming. She could already hear the crowing of chickens and a light coming in through the window when Nick allowed her to sleep straight.

Nick's kisses still woke her up.
"Hello, Snow White?" it smiled. "I still thought it was just a children's story. I did not know that I would just wake you up with a kiss," his eyes twinkled. "Have you been awake before?" her voice seemed hoarse.
Nick laughed softly. "Darling, I'm from the town bank. I've already paid people at the two haciendas". "What time is it?". "It's four o'clock in the afternoon, ha! Not in the morning," he replied with a smile.

Jessica suddenly stood up. Sit on the bed hugging the legs. "You're joking!" And glanced at the alarm clock on the night table. Nick is not lying. "Why didn't you wake me up?" blushing she bowed her head.
"What will the servants say?". "Don't understand that. You're very lovely even newly awake." Nick said giving her a kiss on the lips before standing up. "It's afternoon for us to go horseback riding. It is more appropriate for us to go night swimming later.

"Follow me and I will prepare your meal." It even winked at her before finally leaving the room.
Jessica quickly got up and went to the bathroom. Her body parts hurt but she was happy. She couldn't explain the pleasure Nick's love for her had caused last night. She could feel and smell her husband's whole body. She smiled to herself.

The sun was setting when they went out to sea. Like children playing and sprinkling water. This is the only part of Nick's chance that Jessica didn't see. She met a serious Nick at first.
"Oh, Nick that's not fair! The strength of your salty water swallowed her with the strong spray of her wife on her face. He grabbed her by the waist and they both fell into the sand. Nick was submerged.

Jessica looked at her husband and she stared at her tenderly. Nick pulled her wife's hair from her face when Jessica noticed the hand.
"You wounded yourself ..." And she looked at Nick's fist.
"I deserved it ..." Nick said staring at her face. "When I get home, I will put a bandage on it. See a doctor tomorrow for an infection."
Nick laughed softly. "You sound like a nagging wife .." And Jessica was laid on the sand. "Now give me the controversial kiss in the guestroom.".

Jessica was momentarily stunned. If it wasn't for the dark, Nick would see and watch the various emotions on her face.
"Chicken ..." and he crawled his finger on her wife's cheek, "And to think that you were flirting with me on the plateau ..." he smiled.
"I was flirting?" Jessica couldn't believe it.
"No .. You probably don't know that. But when I asked you who used the horse you looked up at me, slightly parted your lips .. You just don't know how I prevented you from hugging and kissing me. .. "
"I wished you kissed me then ..."

"You watch! Don't look at that with another man ..." And Nick's lips dropped to hers. Jessica returned the kiss.
When she felt her husband slowly remove the hook of her bathing suit.
"Nick .. What are you doing?". And she finally took off her bathing suit. Jessica was shocked by her nakedness and suddenly pulled her husband to cover her body.
Nick laughed softly. "Be patient .." its temptation. "Oh,'re crazy! I mean ... here?" And rolled her eyes around. It was dark and she could only see the coconut trees and the vast ocean .

"This is a private beach, sweetheart ..." "But, Nick ... Maybe ..." Hier objections were drowned out by Nick's kisses. Jessica closes her eyes on what her husband has done. Her objections were drowned out by Nick's kisses. Jessica was distracted by what her husband had done. Anxiety is mixed with strange emotions. The coconut trees and the rippling waves that beat them to the happiness caused by that tremor are silent witnesses ...

THE next few days brought joy to both newlyweds. It seems that their honeymoon stage is also a time for courtship and getting to know each other. For the adjoining hacienda they are a beautiful sight. Although Nick was seven years older than Jessica, no one said they were wrong. Philip and Claire are happy with the way they look.

Jessica was leaving the villa on her horse when an owner-type jeep blocked her path. Its driver got off. Melissa!
"Hello, Jessica ..." it began.
"Hi ... Jessica answered hesitantly. "I'm really going to you. Nick forgot his jacket at home," she said. And lifted the jacket she was holding. It was only then that Jessica noticed Nick's black jacket. Why is this Melissa? "Nick came from us earlier and she forgot about it," Melissa said with a smile.

"Nick is from you?" Jessica was gripped tightly by the horse. The woman laughed out loud. Jessica was confused. "Why, Jessica, is it weird that Nick came to us even though he used to do that?" its voice is malicious.
"She's married ..." The woman laughed sarcastically again. "Married?," You were able to tie Nick by marriage, Jessica! But what you plant in your mind, I am the one Nick really loves! Especially now that I have our future child in my womb! "and it caressed the pain.

"It's up to you if you want to deceive yourself. Nick's name is yours ... he loves me!" Its voice is hard and sharp. "Tomorrow afternoon he will come to us, maybe you are not the scandalous type, right? You are the only one who will be ashamed because everyone knows Nick and I are lovers and we have nothing to complain about, Jessica! She threw his husband  jacket and laughed back to the jeep.

Long without the jeep Jessica was still there. Her whole body was numb. She wanted to cry but no tears were dripping from her eyes. She wants to not believe, she and Nick have been happy these past few days and even though Nick doesn't say she feels he loves her.

Is she just cheating on herself? Is it just pretending all the husband's dealings with her? She looked down at the jacket in front of him. Her husband left it at Melissa's house! Nick will go to the maiden's house again tomorrow! And most painful of all Melissa is pregnant! Pregnant !.

How she got back to the villa she did not know. Aling Susana's confused , she did not left the room all day. Even when Nick arrived that afternoon she was forced to partake of dinner. "Are you feeling anything, sweetheart? Are you lethargic and Aling Susana says you didn't eat lunch?". Nick asked worriedly. "And then you are not in the warehouse? I thought we would have lunch there?" He added. "W-why didn't you call?" He asked lazily.

"Sweetheart, I forgot my phone in the room ..." she reasoned. "Do you want us to go to the doctor?" "N-no, it's just a little headache." Are you sure? "Nick assured. Jessica answered with a soft nod. She wanted to talk and ask Nick but her throat felt very dry. She didn't want words to come out of her mouth.

FIFTEEN minutes before twelve o'clock Jessica was in town on a range rover borrowed from her father. Gino told her that the house of Melissa is near at the plaza. Pharmacy is the front of it and its own by her mother.

She was only a few meters away from the place in question when she saw her husband Pathfinder parked right in front of the pharmacy. Suddenly she stepped on the brake. Her eyes widened! This is not true! Jessica's whole body went cold as she sank into the steering wheel. Nick and Melissa are meeting! What Melissa is telling her is true! She could not do it. Ever, his chest could not accept any kind of infidelity! And she loves Nick the most! "I hate you, Nick! I hate you!" Crying she hits the steering wheel. He would be even wish to die that moment! She straightened up and glanced at her husband car again. She works fast and does not care if she will hit someone at the back.

The car's wheels are spinning at what she did. She quickly stepped on the cylinder and hurriedly ran the car to the hacienda Arenas. Her eyes dimmed with tears. Eh What if I had an accident! That would be even better for her! She slowly entered the car into the garage and quickly got out and entered the households.
Nana Sela, the mayor of Doma, was even surprised when she slammed the big door.
" Where is Dad, Nana Sela?" "N-in the library wuth his wife," she replied in astonishment and Jessica's gaze followed.
Jessica knocked softly on the library door. And she herself pushed it open. Philip was in his chair in front of the desk with the documents being read while Claire was standing next to him. The couple both raised their heads as she entered. "Oh, Jess, hija ... how fast did you get back," said the father. "Are you with Nick? I'll show him something." her dad added.

To be continue.....

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