You were mine then, now and ever (II)

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Oh, I'm sorry ... I forgot I had a roommate", Philip said in front of the man. "Jess, hija, Nick del Mar ... An agriculturist from Los Baños .." Philip introduced which is supplemented by some details. But the child does not seem to hear. She stared intently at what her father had introduced.

Tall, dark, and ... the man is very handsome. Ruged looks. Faded jeans almost. The rubber shoes, she certainly know that is original Nike. This polo shirt is light blue and has a jacket slung over his right shoulder.

The smile that is not really a smile seems to only add to the character of its face. The man did not avert his eyes from Jessica. Jess couldn't figure out what emotion was in his beautiful eyes.
Gosh! This man is not just incredibly handsome ... But sexy! Yes, this man is devastatingly sexy! It is not like his friends and acquaintances.
This one is more mature looking. Probably about twenty five or twenty six.

"Hija, actually, Nick is from ours ... his parents. In fact, he will come home with me tomorrow ..." Philip continued, a little surprised that Jessica's assessment of the man was interrupted. "Nick, what I said to you my only daughter, Jessica ..."
The man formally reached for his right hand. There was still the seemingly sarcastic smile.
"Hello ..." he said to Jessica.
"H-hi ..." Jess also reached out her hand. The man gripped it tightly and Jessica felt a creep creep in her arm. It was only a moment and the man let go of his hand and turned to Philip.
"Let's just meet in the departure area, Phil. I'm sure you'll have a lot to talk about with your daughter, " Nick said in a full voice.

Jessica swallowed.
Does he have to sound like Kenny Rogers? Husky and seems newly awake? She said to herself.
Jessica believes that super handsome and sexy men are only seen in movies, Tv shows, and musical videos. Well, this time, she was wrong. Nick is one hell of a sexy man!
It was at the door of the dormitory when Philip extended an invitation.
"Why don't you join us for lunch, Nick? The man stopped coming out and turned around." No, thank you. I have something else to take care of. "

Jessica looked for a moment before finally exiting.
"Come on, Jessica. I'll treat you to lunch," Philip invited his daughter .
For a moment Jessica disappeared from Nick's mind. "Wow! I will choose the restaurant , Dad. I'm fed up with the food here and the pizza pie and hamburgers!".

THEY were about to start eating when Jessica asked. "Well, why did you go here? Are you buying anything for the farm? She said while peeling the grilled prawn, which was on the plate, with a fork and knife.
"Well, I'm checking on you, is it bad? Philip joked. "Daddy, huh? I don't buy that! I know you trust me because I know your child is trustworthy and kind," she said, smiling and emphasizing the two adjectives for herself.

Philip did not say a word. He Concentrated on his food.
Jessica looked at her father. Suspicion develops that there is a serious reason why her father go here.
Why, she will go home in a month's time because they have a semester break.

She did not say a word and let her father  enjoy the food. Philip was finishing when he spoke. Approximately looked at the child.
"Y-you really are my intention, hija ... but for different reasons ..." he took the table napkin on his lap and wiped his mouth.
"W-well ... I just don't know where I start ... .
"In the beginning, daddy ... and please ... I don't want suspense," and reached for the glass of juice and drank.
I-it's been a long time ... since your mom died, hija ... "

Jessica's chest suddenly twitched. Not blinking.
The growing suspicion is clear.
"That was four years ago ..." She was the one who filled the exact number of years since her mother died. " hija, Sooner or later you will get married too." He coughed first, forcing the blockage down his throat.
"Would you mind if I remarried, Jess?" Philip finally asked.
Jessica was not too surprised. She thought so, "who else?" She asked directly.
"To ... Nick's sister, to Claire. You know her, don't you?".
Jessica nodded softly. She knew Claire.

It owns the other hacienda which is an extension of them.

What she did not know was his brotherhood and what her father introduced him to. What all the locals knew was that, Claire was an only child and that they did not know why she remained single.

"I didn't know that Claire had a brother  ..." "Claire's aunt has a plot of land in Laguna, hija. Nick grew up and studied there. He took up agriculture at UP," Philip explained.

"When Claire's father died, Nick was in the hacienda. Nick stayed there for a week before returning to Los Banos."

She remembers not being with her parents when Claire's father died because she had measles. And the following year, her mother also died.

"And in the last two years Claire has persuaded Nick to manage their land," Phil continued, "in fact I asked Nick to help me with the hacienda."

Jessica stared at her father.
Much has changed in the hacienda without his knowledge. Philip is forty-seven and except for being a little fat, he looks young. His father was a good man despite the years.

She estimates Claire, is only two or three years younger than her father. The age gap between Claire and Nick is huge. After all, it is better for the two of them to be mothers than for the siblings.  if Claire studied when she was her age.

Jessica seems to want to be jealous. All her life, she had all the attention of her father. Especially, she is more orphaned by his mother.
And now it hurts to think that she can share his love. But maybe it's not right for her to be selfish. After all, her father needed someone to accompany until he will getting old and old.
Shr swallowed to remove the blockage in her throat. The back of his palm wiped away the tears she wanted to shed.

Philip was worried.
"Jess, hija ..." He squeezed the child's palm. "I'm okay, Pa." He tried to smile, "Are we expecting a grand wedding?"

Philip took a deep breath. "This is her first wedding, hija. I guess I owe her that," said Philip. "And besides, hacienda people expect a big wedding."
"W-when is that?" "On your vacation sweetheart, you are the maid of honor and Nick is the best man ,." Jessica's mind went back to Nick. Secretly smiling. What does rugged Nick look like in a formal attire? Will he be just a sexy?

Nick and Jessica have their second meeting at the CHURCH. Jessica feels she is the bride and Nick is the groom. If Nick was handsome and sexy in his jeans when they first met, now more than in his formal Barong tagalog. The reception is in their big house in the hacienda. The young people were admired with Jessica. Friends and childhood friends. Children of his father's friends. The son of the mayor of their town is one of them. Gino, a high school sweetheart.
"Hi, cute ..." he greeted with a smile. "Excuse me boys, but here is the prince charming of your admired," he added while laughing at the surrounding friends.

"Hello, Gino ... I never thought we would meet. All I know is that you are studying at Siliman University in Dumaguete," he replied with a smile. "Gosh, Jess! You look like, we also sembreak today ..." And he sat down next to the girl.

"You're so beautiful now, Jess ..." he added with smiling eyes. "I've known that for a long time, Gino. Anyway, thank you for stressing the obvious ..." he joked.

The smile on the girl's lips could not be erased. The former childhood and boyfriend still do not change. Still bohemian and naughty. "Gino, the girls are being nasty..."

And at the same time glanced at some girls in the hall. Others are former classmates. Some are new faces. "Jess, love ... I hate girls who do the chasing ..." and he invited the girl to the hall to dance.

Jessica smiled as she turned her attention to Nick. She compared Gino there. Alright, Gino is also handsome, definitely, there is no doubt about it. But Nick was different from him.

To be continue.....

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