Mistake (VI)

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"It is not my priority to find the future father of my children. I will be the father and mother of my child. I don't think that is a big loss in my life especially I have a twin. They will be the inspiration in my life, "I promised passionately. She stroked my back when she noticed the sadness on my face.

"Just be strong no matter what you face now. I know it is difficult to be a single parent especially and your child will be twins. I see your determination in life as long as you do not forget to pray because he is the one who helps us in such trials. "

I smiled at the good thing she said. I was not discouraged by what happened to me. Blessing in disguise it also happened to me. Because I have someone to be with in life. I grew up without a sibling and was early orphaned. My Aunt also left me. So it is difficult to live alone.

I ate the fried chicken we ordered at jollibee. Mina laughed softly so I glanced at her while chewing.

"Is it really like that when a pregnant woman eats a lot? That third-person food you bought is bad. But infairness you still have a shape," I smiled at what she said.

That is true. Even though I am greedy to eat, I still do not gain weight.

"Of course three of us are hungry so that's how much I eat."

"In fact, your children are still boys. So naturally you eat a lot. But you know ..." she stopped when she looked at Mina behind me. She pushed something so I turned around.

"It's just amazing that Sir doesn't eat in the pantry, is it?" my forehead furrowed and wondered as well. It is a spacious office pantry. There are not many people here because the other employees eat in the canteen. The only ones eating here are those who bring fresh food. Sir is at a table and someone serves meals that seem to be ordered at an expensive restaurant. Why did Sir eat here? At this time he goes out with his girlfriend is having lunch with her.

I just shrugged at what Mina said. I just bothered to spread my food.

I would have eaten downstairs when I passed by the pantry. I saw Alexandra eating with an employee. They seemed to be talking seriously so they didn't notice me. I called the restaurant I was eating at to order. I decided to just have lunch here. My girlfriend is not there because she has an important walk.

While I'm waiting for my order. I couldn’t help but look at Alexandra while talking to her companion. I Can not understand myself. I want to know if I am the father of her pregnancy? It has been five months since something happened to us. I do not believe that Alexandra has a boyfriend. I no longer see him delivering or following him. What stalker Philip?

I don't want to admit to her that I feel like I have an obligation to het. I'm sure if I'm the father. I might be embarrassed. I'm still not sure if I am the father of her children ? She did not tell me anything. I am not the type of man I would force myself on a woman. I am not that kind of person. Maybe  someone else got her pregnant. Maybe I just moved her first and then ....

Argh! Why am I thinking that? If I am the father of her children why does she not tell me? Do I still have to ask her? I think I'm going crazy.

I did not tease Alexandra first because she is also pregnant. I don't want anything bad to happen to the child because of my ugliness. I am still to blame when something bad happens to the child. I always reminded myself to be good but sometimes my annoyance with Alexandra really comes out.

"Alexandra I just went outside I just bought something," Mina said when we finished eating. I no longer noticed Sir leaving because I was already busy with my food.

I entered the elevator when it opened, the elevator door was about to close when someone blocked my hand. I was even backing away when I saw that it was Sir Philip. I thought he was gone? But wait why is he here in the elevator as an employee Sir rode. Should it be in the boss elevator? We were silent inside the elevator. Sir is in front of me. I just stared at his wide back. Nakaka suffocate here inside. Who can't breathe if you are with your boss who is very naughty and has a very serious face.

We reached the floor without really saying a word because we were strangers to each other. My boss entered his office without even looking at me. You still expect him to look at you for a long time. That annoys you.

I sat down in my chair to continue what I was doing before. I still have a lot of schedule to be arranged by my naughty boss for tomorrow. Sir Philip canceled many meetings. I glanced at Sir's Door I almost screamed because he was standing there while staring at me. I thought he had entered his office. What is he doing?

"Sir do you need anything?" I ask.

"Nothing," he said stuttering and entered the office. I frowned. What could be his problem? Why does Sir look like that? Do I have dirt on my face? I looked in the small mirror leaning against the ballpen pouch.

While working I could not erase from my mind how Sir Philip would blindfold me. Have I done something wrong that I do not know? Does he intend to fire me? Get rid of it right away? What ground? I think so.

But I really don't want to be fired because I need a job. Especially since I am saving for my childbirth. It's still expensive to be able to release my twin naturally. The three of us might die. I just put up with my boss's anger even though sometimes I want to give up on the behavior he shows me. Just be patient for now so that there may be a miracle and his treatment of me will also change. I know what I said last month. There may be a miracle. I believe in miracles.

"You've been pregnant for six months, Alexandra. Why haven't you filed for leave yet?" my best friend Marissa asked.

It's my day off today and when I'm not working like this, she is always at home with her son.

"After 7 months I will file. It's a pity the month I didn't go in. I can still save money for my child," I said. It would be difficult if I could stop like this if I could still enter. It's a pity I earn.

"Why don't you tell your boss that he is the father of your child. He will definitely give alimony to your future child," said my friend.

I gasped. Far be it from him to accept. Especially since my boss has a girlfriend. I do not want to disturb their relationship. It would be better if he just didn't know.

"That's unlikely to happen. That's what happened to us. He almost threw me up. What if he found out I was pregnant? I don't want to force myself on someone who doesn't like me. You know that," my friend sighed. There is nothing I can do because I have already decided.

To be continue......

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Topics: Office, Romance, Work, Fiction, Series, ...