Mistake (III)

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"Don't mind her. She is nothing compare to you hon". I feel like I want to be ashamed of myself. Is that how I am with him and he just looks down on me? I was the one who aggravated the two of us. I did not like what happened to us and even more so I did not want people to know.

Two months passed and the rumors subsided. But I found out bad news. I went to the doctor to find out if I was sick. The other day I was feeling weird about myself. I often feel dizzy and vomit especially in the morning so I worry I might get sick.

I remember my Aunt's symptoms like this before. We just found out that my Aunt has stage 4 breast cancer. I may inherit the disease like that. But my suspicion was wrong because the doctor said that I don't have any other disease, I was not pregnant. I am eight weeks pregnant. I never thought my child would be a twin.

I was so happy to know that. But there is a doubt in my heart that my boss might be in my situation. He knew something had happened to us. I rested deeply. It's up to me not to say who my son's father is.

I know that he is not responsible for what I am pregnant with in case he finds out the truth. Also, I do not want to ruin the relationship. I know my boss and his girlfriend are getting married soon. Just in case they have a child my child will be only second. I don't like that, I don't want my son to be a second choice. Although it is difficult for me to force my child to live alone. I have no other captain but myself. I was held in my stomach without a lump yet.

Son, even if we are just two in life, I will love you wholeheartedly and I will provide for all your needs. Even if I am the only one you can dream of, you will never feel incomplete. Because even if I am the only one I will fully give my love to you.

I went to Sir Philip's office to tell him that I will be absent tomorrow from work. I need to go to OB GYN for my monthly check up. It is said that it is necessary to monitor the growth of the twin. I'm nervous because this is my first time. I'm still digging. I don't have someone to  ask questions about pregnancy. What to eat or not to eat. I have a cousin with my mother but their house is a bit far.

I'm nervous because it's the first time to tell to my boss that I'm under time. I knocked on the door while my hand trembled.

"Come in." I heard him speak so I went inside. I took a deep breath before approaching my boss's table. It was not looking because he was busy typing on his laptop. I sneezed before speaking.

"Sir, I would like to say that I'm absent tomorrow." it looked up. His forehead furrowed. I know it's weird because I don't often say that to him since I started working with him. So before him I let you know now. Even though I have a fever I do not miss work.

"Why is so sudden? As far as I know you never leave at work eveb your not feeling well?" its language with astonishment. I was speechless my mouth remained shut. He should no longer know my reason for leaving work tomorrow.

"Okay, you'll be gone in a day. I need you here because we still have a lot of work to do." he said.

"Thank you Sir" I thanked him and left his office.

Philip looked at her secretary, Alexandra. Surprisingly she said she want to absent. Philip shook his head. Why do I care if she is absent one day? Why do I even need to know where she is going?

Philip just continued what he was doing.

Alexandra took a deep breath as she closed the door. She is thankful that her boss did not check on her anymore. She sat down in her chair and resumed her work. I have finished my work for tomorrow.

I also spent overtime to finish my work for tomorrow. I bent down and looked at my stomach. I smiled. Hey my babies there? Even with a lot of work, you will not be reprimanded inside mama's tummy. I smiled in pleasure because when I released the two I was no longer alone. I have someone with me in life.

"The twin is in good condition. Just don't forget your vitamins and don't skip meals. Just don't overeat rice,always in moderation . Always eat fruits and vegetables. So that you don't have trouble defecating. That is the most common problem. of pregnant women. Constipation, "my OB-GYN smiled.

"Don't worry Dra. I will follow your instructions. Thank you Dra.," I said.

"Just in case you have any questions feel free to text me." I told her I was alone at home and I had nothing to ask about pregnancy. She even gave her number to make our communication easier. I am grateful and Dra. if only to others I might just ignore.

When I bought the vitamins my doctor gave me I decided to go to the grocery store to buy food. I can no longer go to the market because it is quite far from the house where I live. This is the only grocery near us. It's a bit expensive here but it's okay. I don't want to be distracted on the trip. I no longer think only of myself now because there are two creatures I should think of.

I just rested all day at home. I also fixed the house. I inherited this little from my late parents. I am completely orphaned and an only child. I used to be with my Aunt but God also took her back from me. My Aunt got breast cancer and we just found out that she was in stage 4 so she didn't catch it.

She kept it a secret from me that she had known for a long time that she had cancer. She said she did not want me to worry and even think about the cost.

If she had just said earlier, she would have been able to catch her illness thru therapy. I did not abandon het. Even though I know the cost of treatment is high I can't afford to let Tita suffer. I will do everything to save her. But I was just stingy with fate. My loved one always leaves me .

My aunt has two children left, both of whom are married. I have a nephew with a cousin. They are the only remaining relatives I know. Sometimes they visit me on weekends. My house only becomes lively when my nephews are here. But now that my sad life is happier I will have not just one child, but two.

At six o'clock I cooked my dinner. I looked at my phone ringing on my desk. I frowned when I saw sir Philip calling. Why is there a problem in the office? I fixed the papers before I left there? I will work tomorrow. Maybe your boss missed you Alexandra? Do I still hope he misses me or maybe he misses scolding me.

"Hello Sir. Why were you called?" I ask. The one on the other line sneezed.

"I'm just checking if you're okay. I just want to remind you to come in tomorrow." he said frowning at me. Why does he even have to tell me to come in tomorrow? I will definitely go in. Besides, I only said I will be absent for one day, not two days?

"I'm okay Sir. Don't worry sir I'll come in. Thank you Sir," I just said.

"Okay that's all. Good night!" He didn't wait for me to speak he turned off the call.

To be continue.....

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This is a very good story!

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