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Vaccinated: Not Just Once But Twice (2nd dose)

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5 months ago

I was supposed to write the 2nd part (2nd dose) of my anti-COVID 19 vaccination journey right after I publish the first installment, however, there has been a 12-hour power interruption in our area, and so I wasn't able to. Since there was no power, no wifi, and no internet our family decided to have a family day out in the farm/woods. But that would be for another article. *wink

Second Dose

The recommended interval between the first dosage of the SINOVAC anti-COVID vaccine and the 2nd dose is around 4 weeks or 28 days. And so the scheduled vaccination day for our second dose has finally come. I barely noticed the passing of time, and another month has passed by.

Side story: A day prior to the vaccination scheduled, we were informed that we needed to have qualitative analysis of our Hep B antibodies as part of our vaccination requirement for our face-to-face duty. So we decided that after we get vaccinated we will then take the chance that we are outside to have our quantitative exam.

After some planning and time considerations, we decided to go early to our venue, and so at around 4:30 AM I have already woke up, and had my cup of coffee to warm me up.

Although it has not rained this time, the atmosphere was still a bit chilly I still had to warm some water for my hot bath.

I was having a hard time hailing a tricycle to the town proper. Thankfully a family friend, a kuya, and an ex neighbor passed by and was kind enough to let me ride his motorbike.

All preparation has been running smoothly, and by the time I arrived at the venue I was the first non-Intern to come. Few more minutes of waiting and the vaccination has already started.

Just like the first dosing, we follow a simple system to make the flow smooth. Here are the steps we did. I will not elaborate each step as I have already done so in the first dose article.

  • On queue

  • Filling out of forms (identifying data, health status, and consent form)

  • Vital signs (temperature, BP, Oxygen saturation, etc.)

  • Final evaluation

  • Vaccination

  • Observation area


And so, the 2nd dose of my vaccine has already been administered to me. The shot/ injection was a bit more painful than the first one. It probably has something to do with the style of the vaccinator. And also, since it was a painful shot, the injection site had bled for a while after the needed has been retracted. But I commend that the vaccinator is well put and know what to do in cases like a bleeding injection site. But seriously, it's no big deal.

Just like with my first dose, aside from the soreness and pain from the injection site, no side effects have happened.

Again, I'm thankful that I have not felt any side effects. After about 30-mins of waiting in the observation area we were free to go.

Unexpected surprise.

And since I was already at school, might as well do some errands like changing my misspelled ID, getting a copy of my grades and my overall class ranking.

Top 11 of 92. I couldn't believe that I made it into top 20 as I was barely passing my exams. Have I not been sleeping in class during my 3 years in medschool, I could have made it into the to ten. char

I am so happy and thankful that I made it. What I learned from this is to always aim higher. Funny how I wished to be in the top 20, and so I made it- within top 2o but neither in top 10.

What I'm saying is, Aim high for we have a generous Father.

Thank you for reading up until here.

I appreciate you.

PS. I'm too sleepy to even make a point. I hope you would still get what I'm trying to convey here

Goodnight, dear loves!

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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we already submitted our forms... just waiting for the date and time of the vaccination...

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5 months ago

Congratulations on being on top! You'll be soon MD na talaga.I'm happy that the vaccination went well.Take care always. lab you ten thousand.

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5 months ago

Thank you MizLhaine! We'll soon be having our hospital duties naaa nakakakaba na nakaka excite.

Thank you also for filling in my sponsor's block. Huhu 🥰lablab

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5 months ago