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Electricity Blackout = Family Day Out

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5 months ago

An advisory was released prior informing the constituents that a 12-hour power interruption is scheduled yesterday to give way to some maintenance on the power lines. And since it's the weekend, my family decided to go on a family day out at our farm in the woods.


It's been years since we all last went there, although my father always visit the farm to tend to the animals. And so my little brothers were so excited and went with my father ahead of us. Also it would be their first time riding the carabao cart going there.

At home, we already cooked the food.

  • Spaghetti from left over pack of sauce and pasta we had since February;

  • Turon: fried banana wrapped in lumpia wrapper

  • Pansit bam-i

The farm.

From the main road, it took us a 5-minute walk to reach the Bahay kubo where my father keeps and raise some animals which include chicken ,ducks, pigs, and goats. Since it is near the river, my father also had a fishpond, but it's dry at the moment because of low water level from the river.

This kubo has been built for a long time and has served as a shelter and escape not only for my father and his animals but also for some people my father helped who has no place to go or to those who preferred peace and quiet. Mostly were elders who wanted to escape from the chaos of the outside the farm. My father gave them food, shelter, and family, while they help take care of the animals. Many stories and life season has already been witnessed in this very house.

Boodle Fight: Lunch under the shades and on the leaves.

Although my mom have brought along with us some plastic dishes to use for our lunch, we found it not really fitting for the setting. And so we decided to have a Boodle fight. For those who are not familiar with this setting, it is where we eat with the food laid out on top of a banana leaf and we eat altogether with our hands.

This was our first time doing boodle fight with the family. The vast greeneries, the fresh air, and the quiet made this experience even more dreamy. Although we don't have a variety of food, we ate to our hearts' content and enjoyed lots of stories around the table. Aside from the food we brought in from our house, my father have also cooked a native chicken in coconut milk. I enjoyed my favorite chicken gizzard.

Off the net (internet), in the net (fishing net) activities.

Since there was no internet in the farm, we were able to reconnect with nature and did some fishing, ducks and goats chasing, and plant hunting. The time here at the farm seems to be slowed, we get to do lots of activities when compared to just browsing the net. It was a fun experience indeed.


This is our last catch before we decided to retire.

We found a spot where the water flow isn't too rushed and with the perfect shade to go on fishing. The ducks were also nowhere near the area so it was safe and the incident of "ducking" won't be repeated. To read the story of my ducking here's my noisecash post

We managed to catch 4 fishes about the size of my little brother's palm.. During the last catch I had to let out a shout of joy after watching my brother lift up the pole with a fish at the end.

Chasing ducks and goats.

All the kids here are smiling.

Who knows chasing after the ducks and goats could be fun. Feeding them was also fun. I was too giddy when a caught a kid. It kept shouting "Maaaa" calling out for its mother goat.

Plant hunting.

There were also some wild plants lying around the area that are good for house plants, so while my brothers were fishing, me and my sister went to go plant hunting. I wasn't able to take photos of the plants we got but mostly the were of Caladium species and some I don't know.

Switching off the electricity and disconnecting from the internet, sometimes is a great idea for a new start to recharge and unwind. All the activities might have been tiring physically, but it recharged both mind, and spirit. It has been to disconnect in order to connect with nature.

What do you do during blackouts? I want to know.

Also, a shoutout to my first ever sponsor @MizLhaine ! Woohhh I can't thank you enough. It makes my heart so happy! Again, Thank you so much! I'll keep writing despite the upcoming busy schedule. I'll keep writing.

Love you Ten thousand!

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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Grabe ka enjoy gid! hahahaha, just trying to speak in Ilongga. This is really a nice way out of the blackout, we usually do this too, we usually go to the beach, since that's near us. I love all of your activities and the food, nami gid ang turon! Welcome for the sponsorship, just to let you know that you are doing great here and you can do more! Ingat lab you twenty thousand.

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5 months ago