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Hello Hello Super ReadCash People

Do you read directions?

Do you read instructions?

Are you a man?

If like me, you answered NO NO YES, then you are a bonafide numpty.

More on than in a minute! - But first ....

NaPodPoMo + DreemPort Challenge

This is the reason that I started a Podcasting journey!

Record a trailer they said!

Who is they?

You know who they is ... Dreemie herself on Hive dreemsteem

So I got out my spade out (Americans call it a shovel! Now that is another episode of It Takes Two To Tengo!) and did some digging around and found NaPodPoMo Trailer Tips from our very own Podcast Queen epodcaster

National Podcast Post Month
November 1st-30th: 30 Podcasts in 30 Days

Did you know that NaPodPoMo has its own website

Fun ~ well Fun AND Awesome Fact...
In 2007, 50 podcasters participated in the first ever National Podcast Post Month aka NaPodPoMo. Created by Jennifer Navarrete and who is Jennifer ... Jennifer happens to be @epodcaster on Hive, now how fluffing awesome is that!

In my quick reading of a couple of posts I saw a reference to Anchor

I opened up Play Store and downloaded Anchor on October 31st

Bish Bash Bosh a couple of minutes later...

I had recorded a 59 second trailer!
It Takes Two To Tengo was born.

That was so cool. Talk about easy. Put phone infront of face, hit record button, talk, hit stop button. Then publish...

I tend to just do something without thinking of the consequences, which seems to lead to people thinking I have a relaxed laidback demeanor which right enough has saved my life a couple of times in far off lands.

So the name of the show reflects the fact there will be no theme to my podcast execpt that I will try to make them entertaining. If I make the listener smile or laugh then I will say it is a success.

I did some rummaging around online and found there was a Aureal community courtesy of @traciyork ... although there have times when I can not open up Aureal properly (neither can @nicklewis sometimes and as we are both in the UK I wonder if that is a UK thing...)

I digress .... The reason I mentioned Aureal, is that it is a Hive built podcast tool, front end and community. I connected my Anchor RSS feed to Aureal and now when I publish my podcast episode from Anchor it automatically publishes a post on Aureal community on Hive!

Coolness overload if you ask me.

My playlist if you like, one trailer and three episodes!

To say I am chuffed is an understatement. I have been complimented on how professional they sound!

I think that is baloney and put it down to having added background music.

One great thing about Anchor is the simple dashboard with their analytics as shown down there 👇👇👇

As you can see I have 81 plays, and that is amazing, today is the best day with 28 plays and there is still three hours left, nor have I recorded or uploaded todays episode!

👏👏👏 Well done Tengo!

The episodes to date ... click the blue links to listen

Trailer listen
Episode 1 Halloween It's Actually Scottish
Episode 2 Jamie's Kelpies
Episode 3 The Beloved Sandwich

My podcast is a little bit of this and a little bit of that with a little bit of you in between!

As I mentioned I like to have fun, life is too short for anything else for me.

There is a NaPodPoMo Mega Feed and thank you @epodcaster for clarifying to this bonafide numpty that my RSS feed had been included by you already.

First week summary

In four words .... I fluffing loved it!🎙🎙🎙🎙

Q Was it hard?
A No at all ~ It was ridiculously easy, however I will play around at the weekend to make it sound more professional (inluding me)

Q Was it exciting?
A It actually was, and I prefer it to writing at the moment. Interestingly enough though, my engagement on my posts has really dropped, but maybe that is what I need. I seem to have engaged like a madman and now could be the time to reign that in and focus on me for once and doing what I enjoy.

Q Did I think about giving up?
A Not for one second. I am a stubborn so and so, and when I decide to do something, I do it and don't give a flying fnck what others think!

Q Did I start to catch the fire?
A As soon as I downloaded Anchor and hit the record button for the first time I was hooked and a fire was lit!

Q Am I hoping it will get easier?
A No, it can't get any easier. However, and there is always a BUT, to improve needs some tinkering and research, BUT that will be fun to do. We aleays keep learning right?

Q Am I finding your groove?
A I most certainly am, it is fun, and it is also fun listening to other podders, I am not sure what podcasters are called?

Q Do I think that I can keep going?
A Does a bear shit it in the woods? Too right I shall keep going!

Q Do I think I will stop it when November is over?
A Just like a cow chewing the cud, I have thought this over and think I will more than likely continued with a weekly or twice weekly show. It will depend on the direction the show takes over this month!

There are some great podcasts that I have been listening to and getting some tips on all sorts of things!

So here in no particular order are a few podcasters and their podcasts that I am enjoying listening to!

@traciyork ~ AMA About Hive (or other things)
@epodcaster ~ Podcasting and the Blockchain
@acgalarza ~ Podcast Life Talk
@balikis95 ~ Balikis
@dreemsteem ~ beyond the SPECTRUM
@kenechukwu97 ~ A Better Me
@shadowspub ~ Nicheless Narrative
@iwannabeme ~ I Wanna Be Me When I Grow Up

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your day!

All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.
@tengolotodo November 5th 2022


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That was funny when you got a knock at the door so late! lol. You are crushing the podcasting task Ed!

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1 year ago

have times when I can not open up Aureal properly

I thought it was because of my internet connection as I was listening to your podcast.. Oh, I wanna try that too but, naaa don't think I can. hehe

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1 year ago

Yea listen on the browser via Anchor and it is perfect (well apart from me speaking that is)

Try it is fun inday ;)

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1 year ago