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A test of strength: which beast ranks the top

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2 weeks ago

I go inspired by @NakamotoBch to write this post after I read his article ‘ 10 most dangerous animals in the world'

Well this time around I decided to review the most fierce and brutal animals in Africa well, Africa has one of the most populated wild big animals in the world. So let's take a little dive into nature.


Lions are basically one of the most majestic and proud big cats in Africa. These ferocious big cats move in prides and a lion's pride consists of a few male and females with their cubs. You don't want them charging at you has the can run up to 80km/h, just so you know the fastest a man can go is roughly about 45km/h they could run approximately twice the speed of a man. Don't get wowed yet, a swipe of their claw could behead a fully grown human, not forgetting that the adult male could weigh up to 190kg. So you have an animal the size of a mini van that runs with the speed of a scooter after you, that will be one nightmare you would wish to wake up from.


Hyenas are basically the laughing psychopath of the jungle. Please do not engaged this animals they aren't friendly. They are not jesters, their vocals are merely limited to laughing and howling. They attack in packs and devour pretty much anything in their path in a whim, hyenas can't engage a lion in battle that's quite rude they can only succeed in their numbers. One important thing to know is that they have hierarchy more like queens to the lowest ranks.


Cheetahs are basically the fastest animals in the jungle. They could run at a speed of about 80-130 km/h now if that's not wild I don't know what is. They could basically get hold of their prey before it's first few kicking steps. You don't want this beast after you. But unlike the hyenas and looks cheetahs are more or less timid in the aspect that they have more fear than any other big cats. And they are not your average big cats, I guess they are considered big cats because of their speed and their sounds are less frightening than the Lions roaring, they sound like Little fluffy puppies. Ever wondered why they have black striped fur on their face ( eye region) it's to reduce the reflection of sunlight and improve their eyesight has they approach crazy speeds.


They are big bad and frightening reptiles. You don't want them at your back yard. When hungry they are ruthless. They could probably snap a man in half if they wanted too. One of their killing mechanism is their death roll. They trap their prey in the grasp of their muscle infested jaws and spin violently till the body part snaps off. They are simply a nightmare and I bet you don't want to fall in a crocodile river, if you infact get stuck in one, the chances of survival least you cloth will make it out.


Hippopotamus are basically a river bus. This huge fat living proof of terror are capable of crushing down on Crocs and alligators. Crocs literally respect them and it's funny to see baby hippos sniffing around on Crocs in the river and sometimes stepping on them and yet the Crocs do not retaliate in anyway. Why would they, their heads would be served to the king of the river;the hippos. Don't dare underestimate their size, they could easily run up to 48km/h yes that means they could run up to an average man in the jungle so you would have to power up to about 50km/h to beat their speed.


Rhinoceros are big, bad and they are your average doctors in the jungle with their spiky horn that extends from their head. Rhinos are not really the deadly type, they are like your average man; Love a little space, and they are not at all forgiving. So you don't want any trouble it's best advised you keep your distance. Just like the others don't even think of out running this mighty beast, yeh could run up to 50km/h and are known for their deadly blows they deliver from their head. They are like the now extinct dinosaurs, big scaly reptiles. I guess time went well with them.

Which animal do you count had the baddest and most cruel. Let me know in the comment section.

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Written by   28
2 weeks ago
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Hippos are really brutal, I read from somewhere that they have even killed more humans than what lions have killed in a particular year

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2 weeks ago

Yes I saw that also. I guess I was still in highschool when I saw this 😂

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2 weeks ago

Among all for me it's the Lion - King of the Jungle. The photo reminds me of Aslan in the movie Narnia. 💕

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2 weeks ago

I remember that movie. It's a classic

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2 weeks ago

Yes, I watched it many times already and I still love it

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2 weeks ago