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Jesus in the boat

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2 months ago

The title reminds me of a comon song we sing in the church while growing up,even though we sing them without knowing the true meaning of them. The song goes as follows

When Jesus is in boat I can smile at storm smile at the storm smile at the storm when Jesus is in boat I can smile at storm when am sailing home, sailing home and sailing home ...... By Herman Voss

This account was recorded in the book of Mathew 8:23- 27, Mark 4: 35- 41. One will wonder how Jesus was sleeping while the disciples was battling with the ship and trying to save themselves from the storm.

Growing up and reminiscing on this song make me juxtapose what happened there to what may be happening in our lives. Have seen people cry and speak negative things out of their mouth all because of the challenges they may be passing through, some even believe that God had forsaken them. All hope may seems lost same way the disciples thought that their end had come.

Some of the lesson to learnt from that story include : 1. Jesus was with them in their struggling moment, He didn't abandone them during the period of storm, even though the bible recorded that the ship was almost covered with the storm, the storm couldnt covered the ship. This is the confidence you should have that even in your trying and tough moment, even if it seems the situation can't be savage He won't abandone you.

  1. Jesus was not disturb with the storm because He understands that the storm can't subdue him, reason he didn't wake up . This we should also know that the challenges we facing can't overpower us wit God on our side. He said to the Israelites " this Egyptian you see today, you won't see them again" ...I said to you also ,this challenge you see now, you won't see it again. Trust in God and you will see His wonders

  2. Immediately the disciples called upon Jesus after much of their personal effort had failed them, He answered them and didn't put them to shame. Stop relying on your personal tactics or knowledge when you passing through tough times, rather seek God to help you, surrender the battle to him and He will fight it for you.

  3. Jesus commanded the storm to be still and immediately the storm was still....during tough times,learn to declare what you want...the bible says what ever you say in my ear,that will I do. Let learn to speak positively to our situation.

  4. The boat in question is signifying our life, the storm is signifying our challenges, the only saving grace for that boat was the fact that Jesus was in the boat. If God is going to fight for us, or speak against the battle of our life,then Jesus must be in the boat of our life.....

Dont let your heat be troubled,believe in God , believe also in me (Jesus), this is a word of assurance from our saviour, whom will not forsake us. My brother and sister, don't let the storm make you loose the joy of tomorrow.......the Lord still answers prayers and still in the ministry of fighting our battles .

Thanks for reading,God bless.

Byee for now.

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Written by   3
2 months ago
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