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Angel in my teacher

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2 months ago

It all started when she was passing through tough times, when no one trusted her and no one ready to listen to her long talk or understand her feelings and what she was passing through.

That faithful day, an angel like a teacher noticed her moody state and call her personally to interview her on why she has been keeping to herself since she join the school. She felt reluctant and not ready to tell anyone her challenge due to her past experiences from those who claim to understand her but yet use it against her or want to take advantage of her.

After a long persuasive speech from Him, she give in and explained what has been the reason behind her moody state.

She narrated her story ............I was wrongly accused by someone who wanted to take advantage of me, and my refusal to give in to his demand make him plot against me, because I was naive and not matured in age, I couldn't understand what he was up to, he lied to my parents that I stole his money and because he doesn't want to embarrass my family publicly reason he came to my house to report me, so my parents can talk to me and advise me before others begins to drag the name of my family to the mud. I never knew all this had happened when I was yet to returned from school, luckily for him I was held back at school to carry out some task before leaving the school that faithful day and this suit in to his lies,telling parent that the reason I will come back late that day was because I was afraid of what they will say to me, so I decided to stay back at school.

Has I got home I was faced with all this erroneous lies about myself and while I was trying to defend myself, my parents has pounce on me severally and never gave me the chance to explain myself. After the incident, had thought, I may get the chance to explain myself soon,but things turn from bad to worse for me at home. I was segregated from others and treated like a total strangers at home. Mummy no longer call me that pet name, Daddy no longer buy things for me again even if he gets for others. I was treated like an outcast, I try everything possible to still behave myself and proof myself to them to have a change of mind,but rather than making things easy for me,it become even more tougher as every effort I made is been faced with total opposition .

My Daddy took one of the worse decision I never thought he would make, he changed my school and that how I met myself in this my current school. Till now,no one is ready to see things from my view nor even ready to draw me back after scolding me even if had done it and ever since then have always carry my burden all by myself as no one is ready to ask me how was school? No one is interested in asking if am physically traumatized.

Th teacher felt sorry for her, salute her braveness and at same time promised her to be there for her. Before the teacher could say one more words, the bell was rang for change of period and he needs to attend to another class but promise he will meet her during break. She felt relieved even though she was still skeptical of how the teacher can help her.

She couldn't wait for the break time bell to be rang, and before you know it,the bell was rung, she went straight to meet her new found friend hoping to hear what he has to say. The teacher started by telling her story of Joseph in the bible who was hated by his siblings but all they did was later to his favour yet he didn't use their offence against them when he later became a leader.

He encourage her not to get weary of what she is passing through, it could be to strengthen and prepare her for the future, but must not nurse hatred for any of her parents as that won't be doing her a favour but rather continue to be good has that may change their mind soonest.

She was encouraged to keep doing her best at home,pretend to be fine and happy with her parents and she sees school as alternative to house courtesy of the teacher which she refers to her angelic teaxher.

Thanks for reading,hope you enjoyed it.....bye for now😘😘

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Written by   3
2 months ago
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