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Apple has finally listened to it's customers for the first time

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3 months ago

I nearly bought my second MacBook Pro in 2019. after a long time of using MacBook Pro 2012 but I was convinced by friends and some tech enthusiast on YouTube to wait for another 12 month for faster and more reliable Mac.

In the quest for ever-thinner and flashier laptops, Apple had seemingly forgotten why people bought the MacBook Pro in the first place, were happy to point that out. They ridiculed the tiny strip of touchscreen Apple built into the keyboard, decried the relative lack of RAM, the missing ports, and how Apple’s choice of GPU didn’t match up to the Windows competition.

many years later, Apple is giving those pros everything they said they wanted.

here you go

On Monday, Apple announced an intentionally thicker (in the case of the 16-inch model) and heavier MacBook Pro filled with ports- including HDMI, the SD card slot, and even the return of the MagSafe charging cable -plus three USB-C / Thunderbolt 4 connectors, the most capable port around. The new 14- and 16-inch Macs feature up to 64GB of memory, and up to 8TB of the fastest PCI-Express storage on the market, with 7,400MB/sec reads. They feature a redesigned keyboard with function keys instead of the dreaded Touch Bar, and 120Hz high refresh rate Mini LED screens that might wind up being the best panels you can purchase on a laptop anywhere (they theoretically offer the benefits of OLED without some of the compromises, though we’ll have to test).

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