Bluzelle (BLZ) Decentralized Oracle Network Launches Incentivized Testnet Program Swarm of Duty II

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Bluzelle has launched an incentivized test net program, where hackers and developers are rewarded for carrying out missions. This is a new stage of intense testing and accompanying rewards for those that participate. The white hat hackers and developers that get involved end up winning BLZ rewards for the missions that they complete.

Bluzelle has made a call for people to join this testnet program in the following capacities: infantry, armory, special forces.

Based on what Bluzelle announced recently, its product team stated that every BLZ enthusiast that participated will be shared into three battalions, "Infantry," "Armory" and "Special Forces." Where a soldier falls is dependent on the amount of contribution that he or she may have made during the testing process. It's a fair process, as those with the most contribution end up being sent to the Special Forces, those with the least contribution end up in the Infantry session, and those that are in the middle can make do as Armory officers.

1. Infantry soldiers.

The first is the infantry soldier. These are the Tier 1 Validators, according to the official announcements made by Bluzelle. These ones are told to have their own nodes, and maintain them on either the cloud or using a device. This is at the bottom of the pyramid chain, hence, makes the least contribution to the testnet. Let us go to the next one.

2. Armory Officers

They fall under the second group and are the Tier 2 Validators or Professional Validators. They are involved in running operations, as well as the delegation of tokens.

They are expected to have intense operational skills and topnotch devices. Those that qualify for the armory battalion have to be a step ahead of the first group, which is infantry battalion. Before one can join this level, they should be ready to offer more contribution to the testnet process than what those in the first group are offering.

3. Special Forces officers

They are at the top of the food chain and offer the highest contribution when compared to their counterparts in other battalions. As the Tier 3 Validators, they represent the elite group within the camp of BLZ enthusiasts.

These ones are seen as the commandos, hence, are known to ensure that the network is not only safe, but scalable as well. Apart from the aforementioned, they are able to bootstrap the performance of the ecosystem by using new tools. The fact that they offer more contributions means that they take the highest rewards for those participating in this testnet process.

Every BLZ enthusiast can get involved in this process. Since it has multi-level essence, the Swarm of Duty II program is motivation everyone to participate in order to ensure that the project has access to participants with varying levels of programming skills to get involved in the intense battle.

Those that possess only entry-level hardware can get involved in the testnet hardfork, which is seen as the dress rehearsal.

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